Having Social Anxiety? Let us Help!

small business copywriting is about sharing what your potential clients needs to knowWe have our new team member Miss Emma. She’s pretty amazing and has done an outstanding job with our social media campaign. In her short few weeks she has establish a small but fierce community within our industry. She runs our Facebook, Linkedin and two Twitter accounts. She also does 5-10 blog comments a day to extend our reach within our industry. Thanks to her efforts we have increased our site traffic by 150%, and all of that at only 20 hours a week. Pretty fantastic!

Don’t worry; I didn’t create a page just to boast 🙂 We would like to keep Miss Emma very busy and so have been playing with the idea of outsourcing her skills.

As a ramp up to offering this service to all our customers we would like to extend an invitation to a select few. If you would be interested in participating in this program just email me via amie@contentequalsmoney.com and let me know if you would like to take the “Miss Emma Challenge”

Here is what it entails:

Miss Emma will start or take over your current twitter feed and facebook fan page. She will take a couple hours to research your industry and get to know who you should be involved with online. Then, she will lay out a detailed strategy custom for you and your business.

Spoil Your CompanyThen she will interact on your behalf for 2 weeks at 5 hours a week. Since 5 hours is not very much time, I highly suggest you choose her to run a facebook fan page and a single twitter feed. In addition to keeping up those two feeds, she will post 2 comments a day to an industry specific blog.

Again, 5 hours isn’t very much time but Miss Emma is quick and knows the social landscape well. Instead of spending hours catching up like you or I would, she can hit the ground running.

So you get a custom social media strategy (roughly 2-3 hours) plus 10 hours of engagement. All we ask in return is that you allow us to use the data from your small run with Miss Emma as a case study for future clients. We will require your domain/company name, the use of your logo and the addresses to your social media sites. We won’t use your current site traffic data, but we will ask you for the changes you experience. If you don’t already have Google Analytics installed on your site, we will ask you to do that before the “challenge” starts 🙂

We have no desire or plans to go into social media marketing fulltime. However, we strive everyday to find new ways to help our clients. In the near future we would like to offer social media strategy consultations or engagement by the hour. If you are anything like me you love social media but simply do not have the consistent time it requires to be successful.

After your 2 week run with Miss Emma we will gather up all the info and send you a short questionnaire. From there you have absolutely no obligation. If you would like to continue to use Miss Emma for your social media her rate will be $30/hour.
We are seeking 2 or 3 clients for this testing period. There is only so much time to spread around 🙂 So if you are interested please email me back as soon as you can. If all goes well, we might decide to do another round at the start of September.

Thanks so much!

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