Gearing Up For Holiday Mindset Shopping

business conversionsIf you’re in the business of business conversions, it’s important to get ready for the upcoming (and ongoing) maelstrom of holiday mindset shopping.  While many consumers have certainly gotten into the swing of things by participating in events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s important for business owners to engage in a little bit of holiday festivities themselves.  After all, while the holiday season is generally considered a weak point in the year insofar as business conversions are concerned (outside of the retail industry, of course), that doesn’t mean profit can’t be made.  If you’d like to deck your halls out with green and stay out of the red this holiday season, get into the mindset!

·     Keep the cookie-cutters in the box.

While cookie cutters are great for cooking, they’re not so great when it comes to generating business conversions.  Be sure to take the time to differentiate yourself from the competition – you only have a limited window to make a good impression on a potential customer, and this time frame is even smaller should your business be virtual.  This holiday season, keep the boxes for the presents – think outside of them!

·     Cultivate hunters and browsers.

Generally, there are two kinds of holiday shoppers: hunters and browsers.  The hunter already knows what she wants, and no amount of marketing glitz is going to pull her away from it.  But just because a hunter is looking for a printer and won’t consider a camera doesn’t mean you can’t get into the holiday mindset and upsell her – perhaps she’ll need extra printer cords, cables, paper, or ink along with her printer purchase.  Browsers are more susceptible to holiday marketing schematics – they’re the type that wander into Office Max with no plans to buy, but could possibly wander out with a new computer in hand.  Keep your products hard-hitting and well organized with extras to attract the hunters, and stay outside of the box and differentiate yourself and your products from your competitors in order to draw the browsers in.

In reality, much of what you need to do in order to prepare yourself for holiday mindset shopping isn’t that different than what you’d be doing at other points during the year – but it is important to pay particular attention to marketing during the holiday season, considering how consumers are more amped to buy, buy, buy than ever.  Keep on top of the holiday wave with great marketing, and you’ll see your business conversions go through the roof!

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