Ho Ho, Holiday Shopping Trends That Your Business Can Leverage

santa hat and moneyDecember is quickly approaching, which means the 2013 holiday shopping season is about to commence! The National Retail Federation revealed that shoppers are planning to cut holiday spending by 2% from last season, which means that it is important that businesses leverage sales in whatever way they can. Amp Agency recently uncovered some of the expected shopping behaviors for the 2013 holiday shopping season. With consumers spending less this year, it is important that businesses take note of this predicted buying trend so they can enter the season with an advantage.

What To Expect

This past year, the majority of the increase in online spending is attributed to mobile sales. Likewise, the mobile market is expected to drive online growth this holiday season. InternetRetailer.com predicts that e-commerce spending in the United States will increase about 15.1% during the 2013 holidays, so businesses should be prepared to offer mobile optimized shopping experiences. One-third of retailers believe that mobile sales will account for more than 10% of revenue this holiday season, and 38% believe mobile outlets will help push shoppers into stores. Since mobile users are constantly connected to their devices, this gives businesses the opportunity to offer targeted content to drive consumers to purchase. The Google Shopper Marketing Council conducted research that revealed that one in three shoppers turn to their phones instead of asking an employee—now that is mobile force!

Forbes predicts that retailers will begin offering engaging advertisements through personalized emails, which is referred to as the “Amazon Effect.” With businesses becoming more effective with analytics and big data, it is making it easier to offer customized marketing messages. iGoDigital research revealed that retailers will see an estimated 15% to 25% increase in sales if their transactional email features personalized product recommendations.

Furthermore, consumers will be utilizing social media for more direct contact with retailers. Forbes notes that you can expect to see more consumers directly questioning retailers via Twitter with everything from product questions to customer-service issues. It is important that businesses are equipped to respond to online users to ensure their customer service is on point.

How To Use These Trends To Your Advantage

Big data is your gift this holiday season. MarketingProfs notes that businesses should be capturing data and analyzing it to make informed decisions related to consumer shopping behaviors. This useful information will allow marketers to present highly personalized, one-to-one e-commerce experiences. The holiday market is extremely competitive, and it is important that your company is harnessing customer information to stand out amongst competition. It is critical to bridge the gap between brick-and-mortar stores and online shopping experiences by offering targeted advertising that incorporate both channels. ShopperTrak notes that in-store sales still account for the majority of holiday shopping revenue, but e-commerce is on the rise. Retailers should utilize targeted information to offer a personalized online advertising experience that promotes the nearest physical location—the best of both worlds!

Additionally, MarketingProfs revealed that video is the most compelling medium in retargeted marketing. Businesses should work to offer videos that are delivered in real time where the content is changed to be relevant to the consumer based on his or her situation. By retargeting the advertisement to match the customer’s buying stage, it will increase the likelihood of a sale. How will you obtain this information? Big data! It is a competitive holiday season, so make sure your business is ready to engage consumers on a personal level.

How will your company stand out this holiday?

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