Honda Does Battle with Oreo to Promote New Car Feature

Have you seen the advertisements for the HondaVAC, now available in the tricked out version of the 2014 Honda Odyssey? A small band of anthropomorphic crumbs and detritus chills out on the carpeted floor boards of a minivan, chatting about how good life is. Midway through the dialogue, a mom-wielded vacuum sucks them up. The kicker? The vacuum is part of the car.

Mom Vans Get Mean

While the TV spot was certainly very cute, cute was certainly not the message that Honda was trying to send online. Taking a page from Oreo/AMC movie theatres book, Honda has been using its Twitter account to shill the HondaVAC in the most pseudo-controversial way possible: picking fights with other companies.

This past week, @honda sent taunts to more than ten different companies on Twitter. Targets included Taco Bell, Skittles, Oreo and Hellman’s Mayonnaise. (Side note: one of these things is not like the others.) Here is a quick break down of some of the pithier jeers:


















  • “Dear @TacoBell crumbs, if you fall on my floor, you will be no mas.”
  • “Mmmmmmmm. The rainbow is tasty @Skittles”
  • “@WONKAnation To you, it’s a floor. To me, it’s a dining room table. Bring it on little guys. I’m hungry.”

Go Big or Go Home

Despite the fake-vicious banter, the ultimate point of the HondaVAC tweets was to engage with customers (and other brands) in a fun and creative way. In that respect, you could say that the twitter ads have been very successful. It just goes to show you that sometimes you have to step really far outside the box to make an impact.

Have you ever picked a fight with another company to make an advertising impact? What do you think about Hellman’s Mayonnaise and its inclusion in this campaign?

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