Conjure Content Marketing Success with These Horror Movie Tactics

the conjuringWith so many films in its niche relying heavily on gore and cheap tricks, The Conjuring is one of the few horror films that embodies a true sense of fright. While we don’t want your content to scare audiences, there’s a secret to how horror stories are so compelling that we just have to know the ending, no matter how terrified we are.

This is what has turned The Conjuring into a box office sensation, surpassing films that should have been monetary slam dunks such as After Earth or The Lone Ranger. The truth is that horror movies have some of the best marketing behind them – marketing that’s so good it’s actually scary. These horror movie campaigns have a tendency to go viral because of their brilliance and ability to resonate.

Here are three (terrifying) lessons content marketers should learn from horror movies:

Everyone loves a good surprise.

There’s always that moment in a horror movie when the theater is holding its collective breath, suspended in sheer terror together. If you’ve ever seen a horror film in the theater, you know that the collective gasp is always one of the best moments of any movie. Likewise, a good marketing campaign makes you think out of the box – and catches you off guard. The best part? You don’t have to be “scary” to incorporate a great surprise. Check out this “surprising” commercial for Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. The unexpected moment of shock is certainly what makes this ad so effective.

Make the audience visualize themselves in the situation.

The only reason horror movies are scary is because the audience subconsciously believes that the same thing could happen to them. When a concept has the potential of affecting you personally, that’s when it becomes terrifying. For content marketers, you want the audience to feel like they’re the ones who can benefit from your products or services. It’s vital to make the audience feel involved and engaged.

Focus on the long-term impression.

No one leaves a terrifying movie with the ability to sleep peacefully that night. The movie is oftentimes memorable and keeps us up for a few nights… Is your content making a long-term impression on customers’ minds?

What do you do to make sure your content sticks in readers’ minds?

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