How Place Pins Can Help Your Small Business

Pinterest Place PinsThis year, Pinterest has been full of upgrades, from the launch of their advertising platform, Promoted Pins, to the announcement of their first API. Now, Pinterest has added a new pin type that has major potential for local businesses – Place Pins. With Place Pins, users can easily add locations to their pins, allowing them to plan vacations and share their favorite spots with their friends. For small businesses, Place Pins are an advantage because they can help enhance your marketing efforts and have major potential if Pinterest decides to expand its advertising platform.

What Are Place Pins?

Place Pins are a brand new pin type, similar to Product Pins, Article Pins, and Recipe Pins. With Place Pins, users can add locations to existing pins or post new pins with locations. Location information is added through an integration with Foursquare that allows users to add addresses and phone numbers. Unfortunately, the reliance on Foursquare for location data has made Place Pins limited in scope, especially in countries outside the U.S. Users can also post pins with location information already added from certain sites that have partnered with Pinterest, such as TripAdvisor and Jetsetter, and Pinterest plans to add more partners and location data sources.

Pinterest reports that out of the 1.5 million pins that are posted on the site daily, 750 million are related to local businesses, guides, or vacations. By using Place Pins, Pinterest users can plan vacations and more easily share their ideas with others. The launch of Place Pins is also intended to make Pinterest more relevant to mobile users, who may be using Pinterest while they are out and about to discover local products and services. 75% of the traffic on Pinterest is attributed to mobile device usage.

Local Marketing Potential

Although Place Pins are not related to Pinterest’s advertising platform, Promoted Pins, they do have significant local marketing potential for small businesses. First, Place Pins allow users to add detailed contact information for restaurants, retailers, and other local businesses, which means that that information will be shared with other users as the content is re-pinned.

Second, Mashable points out that Place Pins could easily be leveraged for advertising purposes, stating, “It’s reasonable to believe that they might also include promoted deals or exclusive offers in the future.” New marketing strategies and options from Pinterest will be something to watch for in 2014.
How could Place Pins benefit your small business?

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