How Software as a Service Has Revolutionized Copywriting

Have you ever sent client work over an online storage service? Ever typed up a document on the fly in Google Docs? Do you have your valuable pictures of family and friends backed up “in the cloud?” Ever collaborated on a document with a coworker online? If you said “yes” to any of these, you’ve benefited from the Software as a Service (SaaS) model for computer software.


Software as a Service has been around for quite some time, but has only come into wider use with the proliferation of broadband internet and the essential function of the internet as a tool for businesses. Time-share computing models from the 1960s onward were the first major deployments of software as a service, and were commonly found in banks and large corporations as a unified data storage solution for easy access and management.

Throughout the 1990s, this model expanded to other business applications with a similar goal: containing major necessary software and data storage facilities in one centralized location. Instead of installing programs on individual computers and risking the chance of version differences and incompatibility between departments or individuals, vital software was stored and accessed remotely by all corporate users from a single primary deployment.

Evolution and Use Today

As computer hardware and software capabilities improved over time, more processes could be moved off-site to central data facilities, and remote software service providers could do more with their hosting services and deliver more robust technologies directly to clients. Convenience and capability have driven down costs, and companies today typically provide a wide offering of different programs for individual users for free or a significantly reduced price. The most common form of SaaS widely used today would be “cloud” computing and storage—web apps and storage services that act like standard computer programs.

Free usage and a wider variety of programs have revolutionized the copywriting and content marketing industry. Cloud storage has allowed copywriters to extend their work to the internet at hardly any overhead expenses. Large project files and important documents can be backed up and distributed with ease, thanks to the flexibility and features cloud storage offers even free users.

Google Apps represent some of the most widely-used cloud software services today, and are a major game-changer in the copywriting world. The ability to collaborate and share documents in real time changes how people do business, and is as convenient as signing up for a new email account. Personally, I can’t even count how many times Google Docs has allowed me to send a vital document to a client from anywhere, with a few clicks or taps on my smartphone. Documents that would have been locked away on my personal computer previously now can be accessed and edited from any device at any time, and can be shared just as easily.

Businesses looking to leave all of their technology management to the professionals now can take advantage of entirely cloud-based solutions. Microsoft Azure, Box’s OneCloud, Citrix, and many other similar services provide entire operating systems and desktop environments that can be delivered remotely from cloud storage. Instead of buying brand new computers every time you need a new workstation, businesses can save time and money by purchasing thin “dummy” boxes that do nothing but deliver a remote desktop environment. No hard drive, no pricy internal parts—all storage is handled in the cloud, and the visual component is streamed directly through simple hardware.

Exactly What You Need, Any Time, Any Place

Cloud technologies and SaaS models have created a tech boom within the copywriting industry. The intrepid business blogger and copywriting professional can do all of their business on their laptop, with the added peace of mind of an automatic online backup of everything they do. Writing services can go beyond simple email contracts and function as though they’re actually on-site with their client. Entire copywriting and content marketing companies can be rolled out and maintained for a fraction of the price, constructed on a backbone of speedy internet and cloud-based SaaS solutions. Digital collaboration has never been easier and more widely accessible.

Software as a Service has revolutionized the way copywriters do business thanks to the scalability, ease of use, and affordability of its products. Computers finally work how we need them to, as quickly and easily as we want them to, without needing an entire tech department on-site to cobble it all together.

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Andrew Glasscock is currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. He graduated with a BA in English, specialized in Creative Writing, with a minor in Marketing this past May. Along with copywriting, he loves being an improv comedian, playing frisbee, and dogs.

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