How the Top 6 WordPress Plugins Can Help Grow Your Business

Managing a website can be a real pain in the backend! WordPress, the world’s leading CMS, offers a user-friendly interface, maximum customizability, and the necessary security for companies like yours and those of your clientele. While the default settings and offerings of WordPress far outshine its competitors, WordPress cannot possibly know what you or your clients need. The wonderful news is that plugins can!


Plugins provide different functions and customizable options to suit any line of business, any industry, and any style of website. There is a caveat to this magic, however. Currently, WordPress supports thousands of plugins and they aren’t all the same. Some plugins cost a fortune, while others boast maximum customizability or ease of use, and don’t come through. So, which plugins exceed expectation? Perhaps the better question is this: how can the top plugins grow your business?

Check out our 6 favorites and see why we love them!


Revolutionizing the way that newsletters and e-blasts are sent, MailPoet integrates marketing communications and subscriptions with your dashboard to allow for maximum monitoring and review. With a simple drag-and-drop interface and custom autoresponders, using the plugin is free of stress and HTML. The best part is that MailPoet synthesizes all newsletter statistics into one convenient spot.

The business benefits? Communication is ten times easier. When you set up your website, you can train it to send out your newsletter, too. From interoffice communications in large companies to B2B or B2C marketing and promotions communications, this plugin will become your assistant in creating blast-worthy communications and help expose them. With MailPoet’s mined data, companies quickly determine who is being reached and how best to proceed.



Websites with blogs are susceptible to comment spam. While spamming was once predominately executed by bots, there is an increasing trend in human spamming. This augments the difficulty in anticipating spam and developing the algorithm to defeat it. Akismet is a cutting-edge, combative spam blocker that ensures your readers never experience spam on your blog.

The business benefits? Spam comments are an immediate red flag to readers. Though the comments do not have the power to incept reader information or interact with readers, blog viewers will feel ill-at-ease and concerned with the security of your site, and rightfully so. Further, it simply isn’t fair for the spam source to use your blog for advertising without your permission. Commissioning an employee to sit and filter through comments can be tedious and, in the case of larger sites, entirely impossible – Akismet changes this paradigm.


Google Analytics+

Save the time previously spent toggling between your website backend and Google Analytics data page. This plugin organizes all Google Analytics information on your WordPress dashboard for instant review every time you log in. The plugin display is user-friendly for effortless analysis.

The business benefits? Google Analytics matter. Data can be used to inform retargeting initiatives, designate new locales or keywords for SEO, and motivate lead generation. Oftentimes, the caveat remains that the data is never looked at or used. This plugin ensures that Google Analytics are accessible each time a user views contact form submissions, adds PDFs to the site, or updates content. If Google Analytics is managed by an outside firm, you can view data proprietarily on the site backend with this nifty assistant.


WordPress SEO by Yoast

Search engine optimization drives traffic and exposure, and a lot of SEO can be done without PPC marketing or an Adwords campaign. The Yoast SEO plugin allows even novice optimizers to compare content against Google’s hummingbird algorithm. With Yoast’s user-friendly rating system from grey (none) to red (bad) to green (good) and colors in between, it’s easy to tell if content, meta descriptions and titles, and keywords all match up in Google’s divine image. This kind of knowledge drives content marketing. Knowledge is power. The best part? SEO by Yoast will also inform users of exactly which features are erroneous or missing, to cause the red dot of shame to appear. Fancy, isn’t it?

The business benefits? SEO by Yoast is the business plugin for content strategists. Consider this: A world where all content is formulated and tagged so as to manipulate search results in the favor of your business. Now, activate this FREE plugin and join millions of other WordPress users in Yoastopia.



ShareBar offers simplicity. The bar is a strategically placed one-hit-wonder of social media icons, allowing web users to share a given page of content on Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, StumbleUpon, Reddit, and even through email – all with a friendly interface. After choosing which of the above sites to include on the bar, simply copy the code into the appropriate content editor.

The business benefits? It isn’t enough to only link to the company’s own profiles. Linking only inspires readership, which is great, but the interactive users of 2014 want more. By providing a quick, easy way for readers to share your content, the content is more likely to go viral or at least accrue the desired traffic to your site (where the magic happens), instead of just your social media profiles.


jQuery Pin-it

The MVP of social media-related plugins, jQuery renders your website images “pinnable.” This means that when a user views your site and appreciates one of your grand photos (of products, of events, of your lovely facility, of your trusted staff), one click allows them to blast the content to Pinterest.

The business benefits? Any company not on Pinterest should be making up for lost time. This up-and-comer is a mecca for media-rich, customer-friendly marketing. Creating this anchor between the site and your proprietary content is a goldmine for site traffic.


Consider the inarguable benefits of these veteran plugins for your CMS and begin reaping the benefits of greater customization, more focused control, and heightened productivity from the backend.

What’s your favorite plugin?

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