How to Choose Great Guest Bloggers And Avoid Spammy Guest Posts

Bland copy SEOs talk a lot about how to get your guest blogs posted on authority sites, but how do you identify relevant, informative guest posters as the webmaster of a blog? By carefully selecting high quality guest posts, you can begin to build up your authority within your industry.

Set Up Some Ground Rules

To get started you have to come up with a detailed set of guidelines to clearly discuss your expectations for guest posts. If any potential guest posters can’t handle these guidelines, they can be nixed before you even have to read their post. These guidelines should include a variety of elements, including:

  • A link policy. The problems with spammy guest posts almost always arise from issues with links. Keep the problem under control by either issuing a strict no-link policy or presenting clear boundaries.

  • A description of your vision. In order to promote the vision of your blog, every guest post should be relevant to your goals and the interests of your readers. Make sure that potential guest authors understand what type of content works with your vision.

  • Your preferences for word count, images, and formatting, etc. All of these little details may not seem like a big deal, but they can turn into a huge hassle for you.

Research Potential Guests

Before a guest post appears on your blog, make sure that you are thoroughly familiar with the history of the author. Do some research to make sure that the author has a track record of producing unique, high quality content.

Watch out for bloggers who regularly submit the same work to multiple sites – that can be a warning sign that they’re only after link building benefits. In addition, Matt Cutts recently cautioned SEOs that bloggers who release tons of guest posts all at once are generally considered spammy, so make sure to avoid anyone who seems overexposed.

Make It Clear That You Have the Final Word

Make sure that guest posters know that you have a high standard for content that appears on your blog. Before you post a guest blog, take the time to proofread it and get rid of any typos that would make your blog look bad. In addition, use a tool like Copyscape to make sure that there is no plagiarism in the post. If the blog passes all of these tests, then you’re ready to share your guest post with the world!

Turn to the Pros

If you’re having trouble finding a regular rotation of high quality guest bloggers in your industry, you might want to consider turning to a professional content writing service. Content writers can provide you with awesome blogs to post on your site in order to raise the standard for your future content. Even if these types of posts don’t exactly give you guest posts, they can help you to gain more authority so that you will eventually attract more high quality guest authors.
What is your best advice for choosing awesome guest bloggers?

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