How to Get Business Conversions

To speak frankly, the word “conversion” might indicate a sale, but in reality it’s when the site visitor does what you want them to do. Let’s say that you have a landing page for a free white paper. In order to get somebody to “convert” on that page, they need to download the white paper. Conversions aren’t just about money!

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In the same way, customers aren’t just individuals. If you’re a B2B company, chances are you’re looking to make a business convert. And this is a slightly different game than working with individuals.

Working with business conversions requires special attention paid to the “pain points” of your audience. A “pain point” is an issue that a business needs to resolve. In terms of content marketing, a pain point would be the ability to use copy effectively in order to increase conversions. This is something that a business wants – but in order to sell it effectively, the copy needs to be specifically attuned to the issues of a business.

Business conversions are not easy things to gain, which is why an effective content marketing plan is so important. Having good content helps ease the process of conversions-gaining – when you can provide timely and relevant advice to businesses, they come to treat you as a resource of information. When you are that information resource, the chance of a business converting is much higher.

Make sure to keep this in mind when deciding when and how to craft your content marketing plan – putting the right words in the right places can do a lot for your conversion rate!

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