How to Get the Most Out of Google+ SEO

Get More Out of Google+ SEOSocial media strategy has become an important part of a company’s SEO efforts, and pages on networks like Google+ and Facebook are critical for maintaining high online visibility. Google has created many tools and advantages for business pages on Google+, including big SEO benefits on their search engine. This article shows how to set up and use a Google+ page for better SEO results.

Metadata and Search Terms in About Page

To start setting up your Google+ page with information that will help people find you online, click on your About Page, then click on “Edit” to enter your information. Use the “Tagline” section to enter a short snippet about your page. Try to incorporate important keywords, like your page or company name, as well as a key word or phrase that helps explain who you are.

The “Introduction” section allows you to input additional information that will help users know they have found the right page. You can actually embed links into this section, and since this section is highly visible by both users and search engines, it is a good place to incorporate link citations to relevant pages.

Set up your official page under the “Website” section, and once this is in, make sure to click on the “Link website” button, just to the right of this section. This button brings up a piece of code that you or your webmaster can insert on your website. This code will allow your Google+ page to show up on the right hand side of relevant search results pages, and it helps Google determine the relevancy of a search query to your Google+ Page and your site.

In the “Links” section of the About tab, you can update any other pages that are relevant to your business. Make sure to include links to your Facebook page and other social network pages. This will help Google determine the relevancy of these pages, and also provides users with more options to connect with you on these networks.

Make sure to include any other important keyword or key phrase citations for your business, including your address, business phone number, and email address. Ensure that these citations are uniform across any websites and social media pages associated with your business. Address information is vital for any physical establishment, as it can help new potential customers find your business using Google maps and places.

Photos/Videos Tabs

The Photos and Videos tabs give you the option to enable tabs or edit sharing information for your media. One piece to note on this is the checkbox to “Show geo-location on albums and photos you’ve uploaded.” If your page is for a brick and mortar style business, it might be a good idea to check this. If this is checked and your photos are shared with the public, this can help Google connect your page with its physical location in Google maps, and help connect other nearby users. Make sure to name photos as well.

Posts on G+ Pages

Posts on your page also contribute to your pages’ SEO. Post content can help Google determine the relevancy of your page. By sharing media from your other pages around the web, you can help establish the relevancy of these links to your Google page.

Posts on Google+ pages are trawled by the engines and show up in results pages as well. Posts can be embedded with links, and the more these posts are shared or +1’ed, the more the link’s value increases. Read more about the value of +1’s from Google here. Keyword usage in posts does not seem to affect its search visibility, according to Ian Lurie in his Portent article, which assesses feedback on Google+ from several SEO thought leaders. His findings show that it is much more important that the content is good quality, as this is more likely to be +1’ed by other users for better rankings.

Google+ posts are instantly indexed in the search engine, and posts that go viral will quickly build their search visibility. For more information on optimizing Google+ SEO, make sure to check out AJ Kohn’s in-depth article on the subject.

Connect with Other Pages and People

Who you have in your circles can affect your page SEO as well. If you add others in your industry (especially if you share comments and contribute to their discussions), Google can better establish your page in your industry. If you contribute and start your own discussions in your industry’s online community, you can be much more visible to other relevant users. Cyrus Shepard has another great SEOMoz article on Google+ SEO, which includes some useful tips to start engaging with other industry users.

A strong social strategy can help drive a lot of traffic to your business, and Google+ is an important part of this strategy. Like Facebook pages, it provides another outlet to share your media and information and increase your online visibility. At the moment, Google+ is well established for businesses, and many other SEO writers I have read and I all seem to expect a lot of growth into 2013.

The fact that Google+ pages and posts receive so many SEO benefits definitely raises their visibility in SERP’s. This will inevitably drive a lot more traffic through Google+ and help users get more accustomed to the platform. On top of the SEO benefits and increased visibility of running an active Google+ Page, Google+ has many great tools for businesses, so once your page is set up, make sure to explore the social platform’s other useful capabilities!

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    1. Thanks for these tips, Ross. I have a question. Since personal profiles were offered way ahead of biz pages on G+, my following is far bigger on my personal profile. And, that’s the profile Google is tied to for AuthorRank. For those reasons, I have not made a lot of effort on my G+ biz page. Do I need to do both now? Am I just splitting my following by using both?
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    2. Wow, thanks for this comprehensive coverage on Google+ SEO. I have just started focusing on my Google+ page and I’ve been looking for ways on how to maximize its effectiveness. Thanks for the pointers, Ross!
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