How To Hire a Content Manager

Content is king when it comes to internet success, so you will want to find an efficient content manager to take control of that content and use it to maximize your online presence.  Unfortunately, that is often easier said than done, with so many people claiming to be qualified professionals in the world of internet marketing.

This article seeks to help you to identify a truly talented content manager so you can feel confident in your content marketing strategies.  Below you will find five important tips to help you on your quest for a superior content manager.

1)      The first thing you want to look for in a prospective hire is digital literacy.  At bare minimum you will want a content manager that understands social networks, knows how to attract visitors to blogs, and is familiar with the unique ecosystem of the internet.  You will want someone who understands how different parts of the web connect to each other, and how to use certain platforms to bolster others.

2)      In addition to digital literacy, you will want your content manager to be literally literate.  This doesn’t just mean he or she should be able to read, but also have a clear grasp on the written word and how to manipulate it for different purposes.  A background in content writing can help with this, or a background in another writing/reading intensive position and the appropriate education is highly useful.

3)      While it is important for a content manager to have a grasp on good content, it is also necessary for them to know how to utilize that content.  A background in business, or at least an understanding of it, is required in order to do this with maximum effect.  You will want a content manager that understands all aspects of his field and how to appropriately promote your content.

4)      Many consultants recommend that businesses look for a history of print or journalism work in a content manager.  We disagree with this recommendation, however.  It is true that these types of professionals will have a background in telling a story through words, but writing for print publication and writing for the web are two entirely different industries, with different strategies and techniques used for internet content.  A blog, for example, should be run like an editorial desk, but shouldn’t be written in an editorial fashion.  This subtle distinction could be the difference between failure and success.

5)      Hiring a great content manager can sometimes be overwhelming, and many companies actually prefer to outsource their content needs to reputable content writing services.  By doing this, you often open yourself up to a whole team of professionals, rather than a single individual.  Not only does this mean more valuable input, but it also frees up time and resources that can be better spent elsewhere in your business.

No internet marketing strategy will succeed without considerable attention to content.  In order to ensure that attention you must make informed decisions when it comes to hiring a content manager.  Take note of the above tips and you are surely headed in the right direction for content-based success!

This post was written by Serena, one of our staff writers. If you would like to hire Serena to do your content writing send an email via and we will hook you up!

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