Keeping Your Facebook Fans Happy (What to Avoid)

What Social Media Content Writing Can Mean for your FB pageAs the leading social network, Facebook is the most important platform of a social media marketing campaign.  The quality of your social media content writing will be a large factor in impressing fans and turning them into long time followers.

Social media content writing is not the only determining factor, however.  There are many things that you must do to keep your Facebook fans happy and just as many things that you should avoid!  Take a look below to learn about some of the biggest mistakes made by Facebook page holders.

1)  Ignoring your wall posts.  If a fan posts something on your wall, be it question or comment, you should respond to it!  Acknowledge the effort they put into communicating with your page, and keep them engaged.

2)  Infrequent updates.  Treat your Facebook page like a diary, and try to make a daily entry.  This is how to remain a regular fixture on your fans’ News Feed page and keep them thinking about you.

3)  Relying on your wall or info tab as a landing page.  When fans visit your page they want to have a clear entry point, and they want to view something that is visually stimulating.  Create an enticing Welcome Tab for your Facebook fan page, and you will see your audience returning!

4)  Focusing solely on selling, selling, selling.  Your Facebook fans don’t want to hear about the new product you are promoting ten times a day, nor do they want to have daily reminders of your upcoming holiday sale.  Make sure you are using your updates and wall posts for a variety of purposes, including general information, helpful suggestions, compatible products and services, or just a quick joke!

5)  Faking the popularity of your page.  It is NOT a good idea to create fake Facebook accounts to interact with your fan page, or to buy your “Likes” or comments.  Nine times out of ten, your audience will be on to what you are doing and it will be a huge discouragement for them.

In order to keep your Facebook fans happy, take note of the above things to avoid, and continue focusing energy on your social media content writing.  Do these things, and you are on the right track to having a booming fan page!

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