How to Make Something Totally Normal Sound Totally Awesome

will it blend ipadLet’s face it… most products and services – especially of the B2B variety – are flat out boring. Nobody gets excited about mainframes (as IBM pointed out in this parody) or ballpoint pens (unless you make this boneheaded blunder). But, sellers gotta sell, right?

So, how do you take your plain old boring product and market it in a totally fresh and exciting way? Well, for that answer, I’ll happily point you over to my fellow CEM colleague and Nashvillian, Daniel. But if you’re looking for more of the nitty-gritty on the content writing end of things, here are some ideas for writing your product or service out of the bland, sales-less pit of despair it has for so long resided in…

#1 Write about the creative ways your product can be used.

Take the Blendtec Will It Blend? series as a prime example. While the blenders definitely aren’t intended to shred iPhones, this alternative-use-marketing approach makes for great brand-building content. This type of content can easily be done in a textual format, as well. Why not take a similar approach in writing your blog?

#2 Have your writing focus on outcomes, not products.

Speaking of blenders, a line like, “73 blade rotations per second!” might not be a huge selling point. After all, who really has the context for such a statistic? Instead of focusing on the product and its attributes, focus on the results.

To stick with the blender example, your content writing could highlight “delicious smoothies,” “easy-to-make milkshakes,” and the convenience that this new blender will bring into the customer’s home. It’s all about what the product does for the customer. Make sure your content always pushes past the product and into pragmatism.

#3 Create a voice that stands out from the competition.

Last week I began what I suspected to be an overwhelming mission: filing my taxes online. I started out with H&R Block, expecting the worst. As an independent contractor, H&R Block wouldn’t let me go very far through their system without paying, so I switched over to TurboTax, and WOW!

The content writing/voice that runs through Turbo Tax is incredibly distinct – and so much better than – the voice H&R Block employs. Even though the two systems have nearly identical landing pages and offerings, TurboTax has won me over for good with their authentic, casual, and authoritative brand voice.

#4 “Write your way” into positive associations for the customer.

There’s nothing wrong with tagging along with a much cooler, more established product. You see a lot rinky-dink magazines and books out there that wouldn’t stand a chance in the print-only world. But with the iPad, Kindle, and other readers widely available, they have a world of opportunity – not just for building an audience, but for marketing.

You’ve probably noticed that many publications like these promote all of the cool iPad features and benefits (which they had absolutely nothing to do with) in promoting their own magazine. Piggybacking off of a more hip, more established product is a fine way to start building your brand in the early phase. Of course, you’ll want to be sure that your product can stand on its own merits before too long!

Keep the Focus on the Audience

I’d like to leave you with the words of one of my personal favorite copywriters, Demian Farnworth, who wrote the reminder that, “Good copywriters, good advertising copy, and good content marketing, however, put the focus on the audience, the prospective customer. If you truly take care of your audience, they will eventually take care of you.”

Do you have a “boring” product or service? If so, how does your content writing generate excitement and sales?

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