How to Order

Everything is customized here at Content Equals Money, and that includes the ordering process. Whether you would like to pick up the phone, shoot an email or place your order within our online dashboard, the choice is yours. Let’s break it down:

Option 1: Make a call

During business hours you can speak directly with one of our Customer Success Agents, or you can provide a couple options for our sales team to call you back. (941) 627-2989

Option 2: Shoot an email

Email [email protected] any questions, concerns or new orders. She will get your project in the queue asap!

Option 3: Use our Dashboard

This is for those of you who want a bit more hands on approach to your projects. This is so everyone is on the same page. There’s absolutely no obligation to purchase. Here are just a few of the additional benefits of using our dashboard:

Project Status
Track your projects in real time. Always know where your content is and when to expect it back!
Streamline Billing
Pay invoices, view past invoices, and see your YTD spending to make paperwork easy!
Clear and Up Front Terms
Upon initial sign up, you’ll see our Terms and Conditions, powered by DocuSign, so everyone is on the same page.
Hate to leave feedback? Leave it anonymously!
Place Orders
Upload as many docs as you want, and provide as many specs as you want. We’re here to dazzle, not just make due!
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