How to Turn an SEO Snooze-Fest into a Winner

SnoozefestEvery SEO has been faced with the prospect of creating a campaign for a business that seems utterly boring; whether they are in the business of cement mixing or selling a specific part for engines. Believe me, the writing team at Content Equals Money has seen our fair share of “boring” topics.

Even if the business has an established reputation for producing high quality products or service, it can be incredibly challenging to drum up interest online. However, as an SEO, it’s important to develop some strategies for dealing with this type of client.

Get the Business On Board

Naturally, the first step is to convince the “boring” business that they do actually need your services. Consider the company that sells highly technical engine parts. They may not have any competitors that are making a concerted SEO effort, so they may think that an SEO campaign is unnecessary and a waste of time.

In this step of the process, it’s your responsibility as an SEO to explain why your services are so valuable. Particularly if the boring business is in an industry with little SEO presence, you can emphasize how big a difference your services can make in attracting traffic and, consequently, conversions to their site.

Think Outside the Box

Once you’ve convinced the “boring” company that they really do need your help, it’s time to get super creative. Have a brainstorming session where you list every possible connection to the business that could serve as inspiration for content. Think about the obvious connections as well as the more subtle connections.

For the company that sells engine parts, the obvious content might focus on the technical aspects of how the parts function and how they work within an engine. However, you could also think about creating content that relates to what those engines are used for, whether they are super-specific applications or cars. Those connections could provide you with much more exciting fodder for your content.

Narrow Your Focus

Another key part of developing an exciting campaign is to familiarize yourself with your ideal audience. You might even want to develop a specific persona that you can address in your content. For instance, you might think about the customers who would use those particular engine parts and what concerns and frustrations they might have. By focusing on a specific customer base, you can begin to develop a better understanding of what types of content and interactions are most helpful to them.

Stay Customer-Oriented

Your whole campaign for your boring company should be completely focused on the customers. Don’t try to just produce content that explains the boring, technical details of your products and services. Instead, emphasize the benefits that your customers can enjoy thanks to the company’s products and services. Campaigns that focus on problem solving for customers are going to be much more effective in gaining links and social shares.

Emphasize Creativity

Everything you do with your boring company has to be highly creative. Don’t be afraid to use humor to add some spice to your campaign – it will make you stand out from any competitors. Chase all of your crazy ideas, because with a boring company, the craziest concept might actually be the one that works.

How do you deal with boring clients as an SEO? What are your tips for making their campaigns more exciting?

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