How to Use Title Tags to Define Your Brand

title tagsAside from Google’s Penguin update, the general evolution of SEO has changed how title tags can be used for maximum effect. Sometimes we spend so much time developing social media strategies or improving conversion rates that we overlook the simple details that help define our brand. Why do title tags matter? Because consumers judge books by their covers. The way that your site appears in search engine results directly correlates to whether or not users visit your site.

Aside from affecting whether or not a user thinks your site is interesting enough to visit, title tags determine how Google views your site as well! The title tag is what lets Google’s bots know exactly what your post is about. In short, an optimized title tag allows your blog post or article to be indexed properly for relevant searches. Be sure to consider:

  • Title Tag Basics
  • Title Tag Practices for Specific Industries
  • Title Tag Mistakes to Avoid

Title Tag Basics for Success

If you thought brainstorming a 140-character tweet was tough, try writing a compelling title tag in 65 characters or less! Oh, and by the way, those 65 characters include spaces. If your title tag is too long, Google has the power to leave you off their search results page. They can also modify your title tag however they see fit if they think yours isn’t useful for users.

While crafting a catchy yet optimized title tag might seem like a challenge, this is actually a great exercise in repurposing content from your site! However, if this proves to be too difficult or time consuming, consider using a 3rd party title tag editor plug-in. SEO Yoast and the All-in-One SEO Pack are incredible options. The plug-ins automatically check to ensure that you have all the elements of a successful title tag.

Just as keywords are effective in the content of your site, they are vital to title tag success. Ensure that the keywords you select are relevant and exact to the keyword you want to target. Frontload the title tag with the keyword and be creative with the rest!

Specific Industry-Based Title Tag Tips

Title tag trends are ever changing, so it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest practices for your niche! By following these suggestions, your brand will be optimized for 2013 search results.

Retail. Retail sites should always focus on simplicity. Here, the importance of branding must be stressed. Avoid title tag clutter by only using your brand’s name in the title tag. If you want to include more content, then use the company name followed by your services and products. Vistaprint is a great example of brands that use more than just their brand name

vistaprint search

Media. There are so many types of news sites on the internet. The best way to stand out is to list the types of stories that you cover. For instance, TMZ’s title tag simply reads, “Celebrity Gossip, Entertainment News, Celebrity News, TMZ.Com.” They accomplish branding while letting you know what kinds of stories you’ll find on their site.

Finance. People trust their money with businesses they trust. Thus, it’s important to frontload your title tag with the name of your business. Put any offerings such as credit cards or loans immediately after your company’s name.

capital one search

Service. Service providers will want to focus on branding, so your company name is a given. Also include the different services you offer. If all your services don’t fit into 65 characters, then only list the most popular ones – in order of popularity, of course!

Have you been crafting strong title tags for your brand? What strategies will you implement?

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