How to Write a Blog Post (for People Who Hate to Write)

blog 101 how toSome people hate writing.

Perhaps you are one of them.

If so, the idea of writing a blog post might sound like the most miserable self-promotional task you could undertake on behalf of your small business.

I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be drudgery.

Blogging for business – even if you hate writing or consider yourself to be a terrible writer – isn’t terribly difficult. (What is hard is writing really great content that generates conversions and grows your business substantially… but that’s what a content writing service is for.)

Ready to get started? Here’s how anyone can write a blog post in 6 easy steps:

#1 Set Up a Blog

Go to and get a free blog. WordPress is a totally free platform, intuitively designed, and easy to use. I’m a big WP fan because – should your blog take off and you decide to put a bigger engine under the hood – switching over to WordPress’s paid platform is a breeze.

#2 Create Your Questions

I’m also a big fan of Marcus Sheridan’s approach to blogging. Sheridan advises first-time and intimidated bloggers to write down every question a prospect or customer has ever asked you. You now have a list of blog topics.

#3 Answer the Questions By Blogging

The answers to these questions make for great initial blog posts and should provide you with enough steam to build your confidence as a blogger. Aim for 250-300 words, which is about three-quarters to one page of content when using plenty of line breaks.

Don’t over think it. Endless revisions will kill your drive for blogging in no time. Set a timer and allow yourself just 25 minutes to write a blog post. Then, allow yourself another 5 minutes to edit and proofread it.

#4 Add Pictures & Video

You know what helps mitigate mediocre writing? Great visual content. It’s also free and easy to find. Tom Ewer lists four image search engines for this purpose. Make sure you stick a ‘Creative Common’s’ filter on your search so you don’t end up accidentally stealing someone else’s content.

#5 Understand How SEO Works

The whole point of this blog post is to keep it simple. But, I would encourage you to learn at least the very basics of SEO. The Blog Tyrant has a great post that explains this stuff in very simple terms. Having a little SEO-awareness won’t hurt you!

#6 Respond to Comments

Once you’ve published a few blog posts, you may start getting some comments or other interaction. Your writing may not be great, but you can make up for that with friendliness and dialogue. Be sure to engage with those who take the time to comment on your blog!

Interested in hiring a writing service? If so, know the difference between various writing services, what they cost, and what you get for your money.

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