How To Write a Book for Self Promotion

how to write a book for self promotionWith the many different ways to go about promoting yourself and your business, you might be struggling to figure out the best content strategy for you.  The good news is that there is one method of self-promoting marketing that has stood the test of time: writing a book.

Writing a book helps you gain legitimacy in a way that few other methods of content strategy can.  Having an ISBN number attached to your name helps your website pop, and it really draws the eye of a potential consumer. Not mention some good SEO juice.

Of course, publishing books never has and never will be easy.  But if you are looking for a content strategy that will literally school your competition, writing a book might be an advantageous method to consider.  Let’s get started:

  • Don’t write alone.  Find somebody to co-author your book—preferably an individual who has a stake in your field but definitely not a competitor.  In this way, you can work together to promote each other—and if there’s somebody else involved, 50% of the work has been taken from your plate!
  • Don’t write alone. Seems the same as the step above, but be sure to assemble a troupe of knowledgeable outsiders who can read and edit your manuscript so that it is correct both grammatically and factually.
  • Write the book. It helps if you have a partner to remain accountable to, and it also helps to schedule your writing as part of your day.  If you want to get published, treat it as seriously as you would any other aspect of your work.  Schedule working on your book as a daily routine.  Whether you write at 3pm or 3am, make a schedule and keep writing!
  • Work out the financials beforehand.  This is especially important if you are going the route of self-publishing.  Don’t write the book and then realize it will cost you 4,000 more dollars than you expected to publish.  Sit down with your partner and figure out the costs of the whole endeavor—from the materials and time you will need to spend researching, to paying the editors, to paying the presses—before you get started, and you’ll have a smoother time down the line.

Writing a book isn’t easy—there’s a reason why not everybody does it.  But if you can get your book published and get an ISBN number connected to your name, you’ll be surprised how far you can go!

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