How to Write a Killer PPC Ad

Can 95 characters really make a big impact on your sales and conversion rate? At just two-thirds the size of a tweet, 95 characters doesn’t give a writer much to work with. (“Word economy” is a part of a macro language that doesn’t even enter into the picture at this level.)

However, once you write that perfect PPC ad (for Facebook or Google AdWords), you’ll see that even the tiniest character allotments can provide a powerful framework for sales! Tareas Plus, a Spanish learning company, learned about the power of strong PPC ads in their $1,500/3-day Facebook ad campaign.

A PPC Ad Campaign In Action

Under the management of PPC Hero, Tareas Plus was able to get 5 million impressions with just $500 per day, which resulted in 174k visits that month to the company’s website from Facebook alone. (Granted, the company has a large Facebook fan base.)

Enjoying success on that scale requires (1) money and (2) a decent amount of traffic. Writing and implementing your own PPC ad campaign on a smaller scale is totally doable. Here’s how to do it…

How to Write a Google AdWords PPC Ad

Every Google AdWords PPC ad has 4 components: a headline, display URL, and two lines of description. A PPC ad looks like this:

PPC Ad 1Google breaks all of this down for ad writers in much more detail. When you write a PPC ad, you are subject to these constraints:

  • 25-character title
  • 35-character URL
  • 35-character description
  • 35-character description

It’s important to know precisely how many characters your ad is. If Google says ‘35’, then don’t do ‘36’. Those extra characters will get cut. And that just makes you look bad.

I’m a big fan of Search Engine Watch’s method for writing PPC ads that are relevant:

PPC Ad 2(picture from

If you’ve never written a PPC ad before, then this is a great mindset to take in creating your first one. It will help to write an effective ad and keep your focus tight. If you need to write several dozen PPC ads, I recommend going with Sam Owen’s matrix strategy, which can speed up the process of patching together various features, benefits, and CTA’s.

How to Write a Facebook PPC Ad

Facebook ads give you a few more characters to play with. Official Facebook guidelines say that ads should follow this format:

  • 25-character title
  • 90-character text

Unlike AdWords, Facebook does not require you to display a URL (unless that’s what you choose for your title text, as in the second example below).

PPC Ad 3There are a lot of similarities between writing Facebook ads and writing headlines that will make readers swoon. While it’s important to pay attention to the specs that go along with PPC ad writing, don’t forget that it’s also an art. Practice, practice, and then practice some more!

Once you’ve written your first series of PPC ad campaigns, the work has just begun. PPC ads themselves don’t sell – the landing pages have to bear that burden. Make sure you know the difference between a great PPC landing page and a generic landing page.

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