How Top Brands Are Using Tumblr

tumblrWhen it comes to brand usage of different social media networks, Tumblr is fairly underused. However, as Tree recently discussed, many top brands are taking advantage of the benefits that Tumblr offers. On Tumblr, visual content is king, with photos and gifs making up some of the most widely shared types of posts. Top brands such as Sprite, MTV, Disney, and Coca-Cola are using such shareable content to build a Tumblr following and engage with their audience. Let’s take a look at some of the statistics on top brands on Tumblr as well as examples of how they are leading the pack.

Brands on Tumblr: The Stats

According to a Simply Measured study from August, 31% of the top 100 brands are using Tumblr, making this social network the sixth most popular amongst brands. During the 30-day study period, 21 brands were considered “active,” which means that they made posts. 13 of these brands posted 3 or more times per week, 6 posted 10 or more times per week, and 7 posted daily.

Original content performed better than reblogs by the brand, with 69% of original posts being reblogged compared to 31% of reblogs. 95% of the posts made by brands were photos, with just 3% being text posts and 2% video posts.

Especially interesting is the longevity of Tumblr posts – while 36% of reblogs occur on the day the post is made and 51% happen during the first week, an impressive 29% of reblogs still occur after the first 30 days. Simply Measured also ranked the top brands on Tumblr by reblogs, with Sprite, MTV, Disney, Tiffany & Co., and Ralph Lauren taking the top five spots. In contrast, Union Metrics ranked top brands on Tumblr in terms of activity and buzz. The top five were Disney, Facebook, Apple, Nike, and Nintendo.

Examples of Top Brands on Tumblr



In their findings, Simply Measured cited Sprite as an especially good example of brand success on Tumblr. Sprite dominated the Tumblr scene with 85,541 reblogs (compared to 62,421 for MTV and just 17,074 for Disney, the two brands occupying the next highest spots). Most of these reblogs were attributed to a single post made before the study was conducted, but that post actually continued to gain reblogs during the study period. Sprite excels in their Tumblr presence because they provide many interactive, animated elements such as a spin the bottle game.



MTV came in second according to Simply Measured’s rankings, and seventh according to Union Metrics. This brand shows their understanding of the average Twitter consumer by posting photos and gif sets from its shows that are extremely sharable. Their Tumblr also highlights users with a simple “people we <3” bar across the top of the page, which shows fans that their voices are being heard by MTV.



Disney is another brand with serious clout on Tumblr, ranking third by reblogs and standing out in the top spot in terms of conversation generation. Similar to MTV, Disney engages users on Tumblr by posting content that they want to share, such as memes and gif sets. Disney sets itself apart by posting content that is culturally relevant as well as by accepting and answering user questions on Tumblr.



According to Simply Measured’s rankings, Coca-Cola comes in eighth amongst the top brands on Tumblr. However, Mashable refers to Coca-Cola as “the king” of marketing and notes that this brand engages on Tumblr by posting pictures, gifs, and videos that are very sharable. By curating content that is geared toward user interests rather than branding, Coca-Cola gains a significant amount of engagement on Tumblr.

How is your brand marketing on Tumblr?

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