How Your Syndication Partners Impact Your Brand

You are who your friends are.  It may have been true in middle school, and now, it still holds true in your professional life today.  Who you choose to associate with online reflects on your brand whether you like it or not.  And, syndication partners are some of the most intimate professional relationships you’ll have on the Internet.

Why Syndication is So Critical

The truth is, even though you’re slaving away at your desk writing great content for your blog, it might only get a handful of readers at its original source.  But, when you syndicate your material with a highly trafficked website, your readership may increase ten or twenty fold.  Most of those readers will have no idea they’re even reading syndicated material.  For all they know or care, they’re reading your post at its original source.

While you can pack out your author info box with information about your blog and website, the fact is, it’s going to be lost on most readers. Sounds a little depressing?  Well, don’t let it be.  Syndication is a great way to reach a wider audience, and it should be a part of your content strategy from the very beginning.

Finding the Right Home for Syndication

Your syndicate is going to be the only way some readers know you.  Make sure they get the right impression!  Amie has a great post that highlights the importance of syndicating with the right blog.  Your brand – your image – isn’t something you don’t want to leave in the hands of just anyone.  So, how do you choose the right home for your precious content?

Step 1

Find a syndicate that shares your vision.  But, don’t settle for syndicating with anyone and everyone who will take you.  Content generation is no easy task, and you don’t want your content to get a bad reputation because of your syndicates.  This list of 10 Great Places to Syndicate Your Content covers some of the powerhouses.

Your syndicates should target a similar audience that your blog is trying to reach, but on a larger scale.  Or, a syndicate might help you tap into an audience your blog is struggling to reach on its own.  However, you want your syndicate partners to be consistent with your brand.  Otherwise, syndication could do more harm than good.

Step 2

Stick with established outlets.  If you’re going to trust your brand reputation to another site, you want to make sure that site isn’t going to suddenly change its identity.  We syndicate our Content Equals Money posts with Business2Community because they’re an established blog with a wide readership, and the content they share aligns with our vision.

Also, when you syndicate with established outlets, your syndication efforts are more effective.  Other bloggers who are working on content curation marketing pieces have easier access to your material, which further boosts your reputation.

Step 3

Don’t forget your original writing objectives.  When your content starts to reach a wider audience because of syndication, don’t get starry-eyed and lose yourself.  Retain your voice and your original writing objectives.  For every reader you lose because of who you are, you’ll gain one, too!  Syndication is always secondary to your content.

In Closing…

Syndication should be a part of your content curation marketing attempts.  Always make sure that you prioritize your content and your brand’s reputation above your syndicate.  Syndication is always secondary!  I can’t stress that point enough.  If your syndicate isn’t helping you meet your goals, then it’s time to move on and find syndication elsewhere.

Tip: Remember, there is always going to be content on your website that isn’t syndicated.  Sprinkle your posts with links back to this content (a good practice anyways) to encourage readers at the syndicate source to visit your original source.

Have you ever had your reputation burned by a syndicate?  If so, what lessons did you learn?

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