Iconic company brands and how they are maintained

conversions from contentHow did companies like CocaCola and Levi Straus earn their standing as an American standard? They coaxed the American public, over time, into believing that they were the companies to stand behind, and in the process, gained conversions from content. The success in visual branding comes from having a great logo design and sticking with it, and a great design can be purchased, but the feeling that accompanies it has to be encouraged. Let’s look at these two famous brands to see how they’ve established and maintained their brand image through their content.

Levi Strauss & Co.

They patented the idea for blue jeans in 1873, and we are still wearing them today. Although their style and cut has changed over the years to match the trends, they have maintained their brand and a loyal following, all because they remind their customers that they are the pioneers of blue jeans. If you look at their website even today, you are faced with the bold statement, “We invented blue jeans.” This message is carried throughout their brand and it’s consistently present from the content of their advertisements to the content of their website.


Coca-Cola remains modern by reminding the public that they are an American classic. They use vintage to their advantage and have maintained the same logo for 125 years—their website even includes a timeline of Coca-Cola heritage, complete with nostalgic advertisements. More recently, in the world of technology, they have realized that the market is consumer driven and are taking steps to develop deeper emotional connections between their brand and their customers by making a point to tell stories through their content that start conversations in popular culture. By recognizing that most of their stories come from their customers, they incorporate their customers’ ideas into their content and gain conversions from content.

By making a great brand and sticking to it throughout your business, including your website content, you can become an unforgettable company. Essentially, great companies gain conversions from content. In other words, they gain customers through the words they use in their branding.

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