How to Create Ideas for a Blog Post Series

blog ideasIn a previous post, we covered the basics in planning and writing a blog post series. Quite frankly, though, one of the largest challenges is coming up with enough content – or ideas – to justify creating a series in the first place! Fortunately, with examples from some of the finest content creators in America, we can solve the mystery of creating a compelling series – or sequel!

Build on what’s already popular.

Did you have a successful blog post in the past? Or is there a topic that’s already trending in your industry? Then take advantage of what’s already popular and use that to establish a new blog post series.

Develop that idea.

Of course, if you’re basing your blog series on a post you’ve published before, you’ll want to take advantage of repurposing content to fit your needs. But instead of simply rehashing previous content, be sure to deepen that original idea. Likewise, if you’re creating a blog series on a trending topic in your industry, is there an angle you can take that no one else has?

Look at your interactions.

Are your consumers asking questions through social media or commenting on your previous blog posts? If there’s a theme of commonly asked questions running through your web presence, then this could give you an idea of issues to address in blog posts. For instance, if consumers are curious about gas mileage, then you could create a blog post series that talks about the cars with the best MPG. It’s a specific topic that you could easily breakdown into smaller components.

Ever have too much to say?

If you’ve ever written content, then chances are you’ve had the experience of having too much to say. You wish you could stuff all your thoughts and insight into a single post or article, but know that no one would take the time to read such a long piece. If this has ever been the case, then consider turning that post into a series! A series gives you the opportunity to elaborate without bogging down a single post.

How do you come up with new content? Can you think of a blog series for your business?

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