Implement Conversion Tactics

Producing content is so much more than putting words on a page. You certainly don’t want to spend top dollar on content and then have no results for your pains. True content marketers understand how to work conversion tactics into their writing, thus upping the rate of consumers who want to buy from your company!

This doesn’t mean a sales pitch. The truth of the matter is that most consumers are hip to that game – after all, when you watch a commercial, you’re likely aware that the company is trying to sell you something. Most people wouldn’t cite a television commercial as a piece of informative content. Its sole purpose is to be salesy.

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Content marketing, on the other hand, is much more subtle in its methodology. There are many ways to work marketing tactics into content so that the piece is both informative and effective in terms of conversion. All blogs should end with a call to action, for instance – perhaps asking the reader to comment with a question, or further be involved with the content that the company is providing.

Engaging the customer is one of the strongest ways to implement conversion tactics. Remember that the point of content marketing isn’t to hit the consumer over the head with the word “buy,” but rather to be the catalyst of relationship-building. When your consumers interact with you on Twitter or leave comments on your blog, you’re building and solidifying those relationships.

Making relationships with consumers builds trust. When a consumer trusts that your company is a reliable source of information, conversion shortly follows. Content marketing is truly a new wave of marketing – it invites the customer in, rather than trying to club them over the head with sales copy. The best thing about it? It works!

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