Improving Credibility in Your Field: Increasing Conversion Rates through Research

writing to increase conversion ratesIn the mission to improve your web-based business, unique, exciting content marketing is key. Such content has the potential to lure in new website visitors, increase customer contact, and even drive up sales. However, not just any content will result in such success—it is imperative that your material stands apart as both informative and reliable.

A reputation for reliability is built on the back of research. Research is the foundation of any good content marketing piece, and needs to contain legitimate source material and also be full and varied.

Why is it Important to Use a Variety of Sources?

Using a ‘full and varied’ assortment of source materials means not only accumulating a large number of sources but also a wide variety. While the kinds of documentation necessary to compose a readable, informative piece will vary depending on the field, they can include anything from blog entries to newspaper articles to books and films.

This technique improves not only the reliability of your piece—as it can prove that numerous source materials hold information in support of your thesis—but also the overall readability of the document. The inclusion of quotations and references to current events, notable books, scholarship, or even relevant films can make your content more appealing and thereby more likely to attract new customers.

How to Locate Varied Sources

The location of varied, reliable source material can be tricky, but it is important not to be overwhelmed; an optimal result can be achieved in an appropriate timeframe, if you look in the right places.

First of all, think carefully about possible places to look within the relevant field; if your content pertains directly to your business, it is possible that you are already aware of a number of potential information goldmines. For example, if your piece pertains to developments in technology, consider consulting technology magazines, journals, and other publications. It can also be useful to read recent newspapers or online newspaper archives for any articles that may have been written on your subject. Such sources can be extremely helpful as they can provide you not only with information themselves, but they can also help lead you to other related materials.

In addition, it may be advisable to consult with other businesses in your area. While this may seem counterintuitive, such cooperation can result in a wider, more accurate appraisal of the situation in your locality.

Turn Information into Conversions

Ultimately, the goal of content marketing is to attract website visitors and turn the casual readers into customers. By researching your material in this manner, it becomes possible to achieve these goals. Such references turn an opinion article into a thought-provoking, information piece. The inclusion of such sources makes your piece accessible and, as such, more appealing to the reader.

Source material also has the power to make your content appear more factually accurate. While a single source could possibly be misleading, it is more difficult for numerous sources from a variety of fields to be similarly erroneous. It is therefore imperative to include a detailed bibliography, as well as contact details for related employees within your own business, so that readers are aware of your research efforts and have the power to pursue additional reading themselves.

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Kate Boehme is the lead researcher for Content Equals Money. She has a MA in Imperial and Commonwealth History and is currently a PhD candidate in History at Cambridge in the United Kingdom. Her ability to find quality statistics and key sources make the most of any project.

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