The Role of Content Marketing in Building a User Experience

The phrase “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” is aptly suited to the user experience. In digital design, the user experience is the whole and content is one of its parts. Without the right content cues, your audience may not know how to navigate through your site or find answers. The user experience is more than content, but content … [Read more...]

The Self-Help Guide to Lowering Your Bounce Rate

Does your site have unreasonably high bounce rates? Do your bounce rates seem to fluctuate without rhyme or reason? While it may not be apparent at first, there is always a root cause for high bounce rates. The trouble is that most people become so intimidated by the analytics, data, self-help guides, and general noise that they give up on the … [Read more...]

Mobile Set for a Strong Year in 2013

There has been a fair amount of discussion on the web in the last few months about the influence of mobile browsing on e-commerce. The latest smartphones make browsing and shopping on the web easier than it has ever been. Even older smartphones are more than capable of providing a satisfactory user experience with mobile shopping. But smartphones … [Read more...]

The Basics Behind How Gamification Increases Site Conversions and Builds Your Brand

In the last few years, a new marketing buzzword started appearing all over the web: gamification. A lot of voices on the web touted it as the next big thing in marketing. It might well be the new direction for marketing, but that doesn't mean it's an easy thing to do, and do effectively. Gamification is the action of implementing aspects of what … [Read more...]

Are Your Landing Pages Killing Your Business? Things You’ve Got to do Today

Are you having a tough time increasing your site’s conversion rate? Business owners rack their brains all the time trying to figure out just how to improve their website, but where do you start? Do you write more blog content? Do you change some design choices? Do you redo some product page content? What’s keeping people from following through and … [Read more...]

Having Testing Trouble? How To A/B Test With Little or No Traffic

Whenever we talk about content marketing with our readers and clients, there are a few key practices we always throw out. Always be thorough. Don’t run hard sales. Stay consistent. A/B test often. Sometimes we worry that we sound like a broken record, but it’s only because this is important! When it comes to increasing your site’s conversion rate, … [Read more...]