Industries We Serve

Content marketing is a system and thankfully it is a system that works across many different verticals. In our short time as a company we have been amazed by the success of our clients and about how the content generation industry has grown.

We work every single day on educating ourselves and our clients about content generation. It’s truly big business. That’s why in September of 2011 we decided to modify our approach. Instead of going after any small business, we were going to reach higher. Now, with a year’s worth of quality service behind us we are moving into 5 verticals.

These five verticals represent the 5 major types of clients we have worked with so far. Why are we limiting ourselves to five? So that we can bring our clients the best of the best. We’re still training and recruiting some of the top talent in each of these fields. In the next couple months you will see new faces as we build stellar writing teams based on these five verticals.

Each team will have:

Team Lead – This is someone with real world experience and related education to the industry. This person will not only oversee the work of the other writers for accuracy but will be called upon for expert opinions when needed.

Team QA/Editor – A professional copyeditor whose sole job is to make sure your content is 110% ready to go and all your specs have been met.

Account Lead – The account manager in charge of all clients within that vertical. This person will likely be your first point of contact with us and has been trained to walk you through our process.

Staff Writers – The majority of each team will consist of writers that are classically trained in content marketing, SEO and sales copywriting. Each individual will be US college grads and has extensive experience writing for the sake of conversion.

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