It’s unfortunate that the economy has stifled the hospitality industry. More and more people are cutting their vacations or extra expenses. That’s why it is more important than ever for boutique hospitality businesses to harness their power of content marketing.

Imagine a young professional couple. They know they have a 10 day vacation coming up but are not sure how to spend it. Up late, in bed on their laptop they do a search for a bed and breakfast or resort and spa…will they find your site? And if they do, will they get so excited that they book right away?

Your entire business is about the atmosphere. The little details that make a person feel welcome and appreciated. You spend hours crafting a beautiful and unique experience for each of your guests. Why not start that experience on your website?

That is what we do. We build an experience, an online atmosphere. We take your brand and translate it onto your site via content marketing. We work closely with you to build an editorial calendar that will put your online marketing on autopilot.

Now imagine that same couple has come and experienced their stellar vacation. After a few weeks, again up late in bed they check out your site. It’s been updated with more goodies and they feel transported back on their vacation just by reading your latest blog post.

They’re addicted. Your site is now bookmarked and they have spread all over social media how fantastic your services were from start to finish.

Don’t let your website be just “good enough” – instead let it add to the experience you have been working so hard to build.

We’re professional writers with a professional team. Don’t risk outsourcing your content to anything less. It’s that important. Give us a call today!

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