Insourcing: Modern Solutions for Modern Businesses

You’ve heard it on the news before. When talking about jobs, the economy, and business in general, there’s one dirty word that everyone loves to throw around: outsourcing. In the most basic terms, outsourcing jobs means that somebody we’ll never meet is doing a job that we could be doing. For all we know, valuable work we’re willing to do is being sent to robots. You can tell by the quality and value of outsourced work that more often than not, it’s just no good. Too stiff, too impersonal, or just not what you wanted.

At Content Equals Money, we’re insourcing high quality, top shelf content marketing materials for your business. Let us be your go-to writing service for marketing content, and we’ll produce top notch content that will drive more business directly to you. If “outsourcing” is hands-off, we are 100% hands-on. We want to get to know you and your business, and the benefits will show in our results.

What is Content Marketing?

“Content marketing” is all the text and wording on your business’s website and other materials. Press releases, email campaigns, weekly blogs, Facebook and Twitter posts, real estate listing blurbs, ads in your local newspaper’s Classifieds section; you get the idea. Just about anything involving writing and building leads for your business is content marketing. With the right touch and savvy SEO skills, consistent and effective online content marketing can replace the first 80% of your sales cycle. Top names like Coca-Cola, Amazon, and many more are investing upwards of 26% of their yearly marketing budget directly into SEO copywriting and content marketing: millions of dollars year after year, and the revenues are paying off. You can cut into the same piece of that pie for yourself by coming up with effective content generation for your website—or just hire a writing service that can do it for you.

Developing a content strategy that keeps your online presence current and relevant will drive more leads to your website through web searches. Just how many new leads could your business earn with good content marketing? In March of 2012, American internet users conducted 18.36 billion searches online. How many of those searches were looking for topics related to your business? How many of those searches were looking for your business? Content Equals Money can help you rake in more conversions from content by feeding your web presence with high quality, lead nurturing, welcoming content. Get the online exposure you really want with content writers that are ready and waiting to help your business succeed.

Let Us Help You Grow

No matter how big or small you are, from start up businesses to large corporations, we can be your in-house writing department. If your blog, website, or social media presence needs some serious TLC to drive in sales and conversions, we know how to get it done. When you contact us, you’ll speak directly to the co-founders and owners, Amie and Laura. When we work on your assignment, you’ll get to know exactly who is working for you, and can contact them with any questions, suggestions or concerns. Our content writing services are driven by college-educated writers with a keen sense of personality and professionalism, and equipped with the experience necessary to turn your business blog and online content into valuable assets that direct internet search traffic directly to you.

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