The Rumors Appear to Be True: Instagram to Get Video

Instagram logoI held off jumping on the bandwagon of rumors concerning Facebook’s news event slated for tomorrow, June 20th. When rumors break it can be easy to think they are true because we want to believe them. I thought I would hold off and my choice has been vindicated. It appears that multiple sources now are all claiming that Facebook’s Instagram will be unveiling some sort of video feature to rival Twitter’s Vine.

Instagram: Not Just About Photos Anymore

One of the stories concerning Facebook announcement of Instagram Video that convinced me that the rumor is almost certainly true comes from Kara Swisher at All Things D. She reported yesterday afternoon that “Twitter just put up a vague blog post that promises more features to come for its popular Vine video app.” Interesting timing, isn’t it? Twitter wants to keep Vine on top and it appears that this little announcement was meant to tease away some of the attention Instagram and Facebook will get come tomorrow.

Anyway, back to the details regarding Instagram (finally) getting a video feature. Rosa Golijan at NBC News wrote yesterday that “rumor is that this new product might be a video feature on Instagram.” There is a possibility of a less exciting announcement concerning a product to replace Google Reader linked with Facebook, but that seems unlikely.

Mike Isaac over at All Things D went so far as to say that video for Instagram “will be [the] sole reveal at [the] Facebook event Thursday.” He goes on to explain that this feature has been discussed for over two years and that now Facebook and Instagram are coming to the video party late. They’ve got a lot of ground to make up in order to catch up to Vine’s success.

Will Instagram Videos Work for Businesses and Agencies?

Instagram has a large following. No one knows the details about how video is going to work yet, but Mike writes that “Facebook is seeking to differentiate itself from Vine.” Added to this, Todd Wasserman reports for Mashable that, “Facebook has pushed back the introduction of video ads in its News Feed until the fall.”

It seems to me that Instagram videos won’t be implemented specifically for advertisers. Much like Vine, I see video service on Instagram being more about the users. I think there will be plenty of room for businesses and agencies to use Instagram Video the same way they use Vine – as a creative way to build their brand, connect with consumers, and enhance their social media campaigns.

What might be more enticing for businesses and agencies in terms of Instagram Video is its interaction with Facebook and its user base. There are over 100 million users of Instagram, much larger than the 13 million users on Vine.

We’ll See Tomorrow

There’s still a chance that everyone is wrong about Instagram Video being announced tomorrow. I doubt that’s the case, but be sure to pay attention tomorrow during Facebook’s event to learn all of the details of whatever this “mystery” product will be.

Will you use Instagram Video with your marketing strategy if it’s released?

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