Cue the Hipster Freak Out: Instagram Will Have Ads

Hipster InstagramInstagram, that slickly formatted stronghold of hipster donut pictures and aspirational shoe porn, made waves this week when it announced that it would begin hosting advertisements. You read that right. As with Japan so many centuries ago, the serene dynastic universe that Instagram currently inhabits is being cracked open by the angry cannons of western capitalism.

“Sustainable Company”

In a post entitled “Instagram as a Growing Business”, the company explained that, over the next few months, you will begin seeing advertisements in your Instagram feeds. The company has promised that these ads will “start slow” and consist solely of photos and videos that will look like they belong in your Instagram feed.

The company explained:

 “Seeing photos and videos from brands you don’t follow will be new, so we’ll start slow. We’ll focus on delivering a small number of beautiful, high-quality photos and videos from a handful of brands that are already great members of the Instagram community.”

The company also promises that users will have the ability to hide ads that they do not like and give feedback about why the ads missed the mark.

Mixed Reviews

Of course, any time there is a change to a beloved social media platform people tend to freak out. Therefore, it makes sense that people everywhere are losing their minds over what they perceive as a violation to their hipster sanctuary. Some users even responded to the announcement by saying that they would rather pay for the app than scroll past ads! Still, it is likely that most people will just get over it.

In many ways, this issue is very similar to what happened when Facebook bought Instagram. Users worry that their in-app experience will drastically change and froth at the mouth for a little bit to get the nervousness out of their systems. Still, when all is said and done, hosting advertisements is the right choice for Instagram at this point in time.

What do you think about Instagram’s new advertisement policy? Would you prefer to pay for an app rather than see ads in your feed?

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