Is Your Branded Content Intelligent?

branded contentOne of the most crucial factors of content marketing is relevance. No one is going to read, let alone enjoy, your content if it doesn’t speak to them in one way or another – or, in other words, if it isn’t relevant to their interests and needs. These four questions can help you determine if your content is coherent, relevant to your customers, and relevant to your brand.

Question 1: Does Your Content Have a Story?

Storytelling is the beating heart of content marketing and branding. Without a coherent narrative, content quickly falls short. Narrative gives context to your marketing and builds history and power in the meantime. More than that, a good story quickly hooks consumers, allowing you to build a relationship with them that goes beyond a simple product or service.

Question 2: Are You Targeting an Audience?

Understanding an audience’s context is the first step toward doing content marketing well. You need to know what interests you need to be relevant to before you can start building that relevance, after all. Know when and why your audience uses your product or service. Know what devices and media they tend to use when they interact with businesses. Then, make your content marketing all about that audience. Content marketing is all about making a fine mesh out of your advertising, rather than casting a broad net.

Question 3: What Does Your Content Say About You?

Branded marketing is on the increase, and with good reason. Content marketing is a perfect way to give customers a greater impression of your business. Every piece of content marketing should come from the image that you want to present. Before you put out any content into the world, think about what it says about you and what a customer might learn from it. If there’s no insight, or the wrong kind of insight, you might want to reconsider your approach.

Question 4: What’s In It For the Customer?

Finally, remember that content marketing isn’t just about the brand; it’s also about the customer. Good advertising makes it clear that there’s a good reason for a customer or client to choose you over your competition. Maybe it’s a good deal, or maybe you’re clearly the expert or offer the highest quality product or service. Whatever the case may be, never lose out on an opportunity to stress the fact that accessing your content and making a purchase from your business are both in the best interest of the customer at hand.

What questions do you ask yourself before creating content?

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