How to Avoid These Two Scams People Are Still Falling For

 I like to think I’m pretty tech-savvy. As a web writer, it’s part of my job to stay on top of digital trends and have up-to-date information on the Internet of Things. As a Millennial, I grew up knowing about hackers, scammers, con artists, and every other type of villain known to the 21st century. I know not to give out my credit card … [Read more...]

Do People Still Read? What Marketers Need to Know About Digital Reading Habits

People read all the time, yet they’re reading less than ever before. This is the great paradox of digital marketing, a challenge that plagues virtually every marketing campaign. According to the Pew Research Center, the number of non-book-readers has tripled over the last quarter century. Today, 23 percent of Americans haven’t read a book within … [Read more...]

Vine Finally Adds Saving & Editing Tools

Vine, the popular stop-motion video app, recently made two major updates that change the way it is used. Now allowing users to save drafts and edit their videos, brands just got a whole lot more control when it comes to marketing on Vine. These updates also help Vine stay in competition with Instagram Video, which already allowed editing for its … [Read more...]

How WordPress is Taking Over the Web

Did you know that 18.9% of the web runs on WordPress? Considering how many different websites there are on the Internet, this figure amounts to a big chunk. In fact, over 60 million people have WordPress-based websites. Because it is so easily customizable and free to set up an account, WordPress has quickly risen as a top-choice host for all types … [Read more...]

AdChoice Coming to Mobile Devices

With mobile advertising expanding across the various devices that we use to access the internet, the Digital Advertising Alliance has announced their set of mobile principles for behaviorally targeting advertising. This is the DAA’s first step in bringing their AdChoice program from desktop to mobile. AdChoice, represented by a small blue icon seen … [Read more...]

The Rise of Targeted Advertising

Let’s say you’re shopping on Amazon for a new pair of shoes. You save a few in your wish list, and then move on to Facebook. While scrolling through your Newsfeed, you see an ad for one of those pairs of shoes. “How did Facebook know I was looking at those?” you may wonder.The answer is targeted advertising, which has been increasing in various … [Read more...]