Is Your Brand a B-Movie? How to Add Depth to Your Brand via Social Media

I don’t watch bad movies.  It just doesn’t happen.  Now, part of the reason is that I don’t really go to the movie theater that often.  If you’re wondering what my aversion to movies is… well, I couldn’t exactly tell you.  It’s not like I particularly despise Hollywood.  I spent a year building theater sets, but that didn’t make me a live-theater-only-snob.  I guess it comes down to this:

I don’t want to pay $9 and sacrifice two hours of my life to watch anything less than stellar.

And, really, who does?  If you’re struggling to get social media conversions with your brand strategy, have you considered this analogy?  Are you offering your audience “B-movie material?”  If so, therein lays your problem.

Let’s take a look at what makes a brand “B movie material,” and what you can do to get that coveted 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes – or Klout in your case.

Shut up, we’ve heard it before.

B-movies are average.  What makes them so average?  They’ve got the same old story we’ve all heard before.  In your case, you might be sharing the same content that everyone else in your Twitter feed is sharing.  Over, and over, and over.  Guess what?  People see through this.  And, before long, they’ll stop listening to you all together.  Find unique material.

But, finding that unique material isn’t enough.  If you find a great article that you know your audience is just going to love, you cannot simply post it to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and call it a day.  These outlets exist for a reason.  If they all did the same thing, the natural laws of competition wouldn’t allow them to exist.  Respect their differences and use them appropriately.  If you need help with this, read the “How to Network” section on this recent blog post from Laura Hancock.

The Sequel: Be Very Careful.

Since I told you I don’t watch bad movies, you know I haven’t seen Pirates of the Caribbean 4.  (Or three.  If I saw two, I can’t remember it.)  However, I’ve heard a lot of bad stuff – not that people even talk much about movies this (allegedly) atrocious.

What was the problem?  From what I can gather, the fourth film failed to deliver the excitement and playfulness that made the first one so popular.  It’s not that there’s anything inherently wrong with franchises.  But, when franchises fail to keep things fresh, they flop.

For you, this point relates to repurposing content.  Repurposing content can be terrific.  It’s a great way to share the material you already have with a new audience.  You can turn a blog into a Slide Share or a vlog into a “How-to Guide.”  Your options are limitless.  And, when done well, you’ll get those social media conversions!

However, you don’t want to be that tired, washed-out B-movie franchise.  Sequels and repurposing content are successful strategies when you’re constantly adding to, growing, and creating the brand.  If you need help brainstorming on how you can repurpose content, we’ve got a resource page packed with helpful info.

You Look Like an Amateur.

Sometimes, it’s time to call in the professionals.  We’re big believers in the DIY ethic here at Content Equals Money, but sometimes you’ve got to know when to insource.  If your content analytics are showing really pitiful results and you feel like you’re doing everything in your power to get conversions, it might be time to turn in your camcorder and get someone with a professional-grade HD camera to do the job for you.

In April, Hubspot reported that social media outsourcing has increased by 128% in the last two years.  We like to refer to quality, intimate outsourcing as “insourcing” though.  As more insourcing companies pop up, services are continually improving themselves to remain relevant.  Insourcing isn’t a bad thing at all.  And, if you feel completely lost on social media, and/or you don’t want to invest your own time working on it, hire someone to do the job for you.  It takes a lot of work to get social media conversions and if you’re not up to the task, find someone who is.  Your brand needs it!

If your content analytics are looking kind of shabby, get in touch with us today about the various kinds of content we can provide you in order to drive those social media conversions!  And, in the meantime, please don’t let your brand resemble Pirates 4.

How are you using social media to add depth to your brand?  What outlets work?  What doesn’t work for you?

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