Is Your Lead Cycle Schizophrenic?


 “schizophrenic” is defined as: “contradictory or antagonistic qualities or attitudes” *adjective or noun (thanks

Recently we were shopping around for an email marketing program. This meant I was scanning sites, social feeds, doing sales calls, etc. Thankfully we have had the opportunity to work with many different email marketing programs in the past 18 months because we’ve been so hands on for our clients.

In the process of finding possibilities, narrowing my list, and finally choosing a service provider, I got a great peek at the lead cycles of a lot of these companies. And from a client perspective I have to confess… many companies have a schizophrenic lead cycle. What I mean by this is, they focus on one piece of the puzzle more than others. Or worse, they are presenting conflicting values throughout the process.

I’m not going to name names… but in going through all of this, I had the WORST sales call ever. And believe me, I’ve been on enough sales calls to know! The irony is that wasn’t what lost my business. It was that schizophrenic nature of the sales process.

Let me break this down for you:

If you are a SaaS company and your whole spiel is ease of use, make sure that each point of your marketing highlights the ease of use. Use videos, WYSIWYG editors and other user friendly applications to make sure that when I demo your product it screams “ease of use.” Also, make sure that your site is easy to navigate. If I can’t figure out how to contact sales or download a white paper….I’m going to associate difficulty with your program. This makes your lead cycle schizophrenic.

Instead, make sure that you have spent money intelligently on each step of the lead cycle process. Don’t use scraped or PLR content if you want to demonstrate quality. Instead, invest in a quality content writing service to make sure your content is appealing to me.

Don’t try to sell me a $5,000/mth product with an email marketing campaign that I know you spent less than $30/mth to use.

I’m not saying I don’t appreciate frugality. I run a lean startup, I understand. Just make sure that your lead cycle makes sense for your target audience.

Think of your lead cycle like a 3 day cruise. Is each stage catering to the right demographic? Is the overall level of quality the same? Are all your staff members wearing the same type of uniform?

This might sound silly but think about it: you want your lead cycle to be one cohesive stream that drives directly to the sale. When your messaging changes midstream, your potential clients will fall away, and nobody wants that!


Schizophrenia is a serious psychotic disorder, and believe me I am not poking fun at the millions of people that deal with this disorder each day. If you would like to help fight schizophrenia please donate.

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