Jay-Z and Samsung Partner Up for Exposure

Jay Z and samsungFiguring out new and creative ways to get brand exposure can be difficult at times. Every brand runs into problems at some point in its marketing development where ideas seem to come slowly, if at all. Other times businesses and agencies have more material than they know what to do with. Samsung and Jay-Z appear to have both agreed on a great idea to boost their brands and their exposure.

Exclusive Music Deal

News late yesterday broke about a deal between Jay-Z and Samsung to benefit Samsung Galaxy owners. As Catherine Shu writes on TechCrunch, “Samsung is giving away one million copies of “Magna Carta Holy Grail” to owners of its flagship smartphone 72 hours” in advance. So that means those with Galaxy phones or the Galaxy Note get to listen to a very popular artist’s album well in advance of the rest of the public.

For me, this looks like a creative, effective, and interesting way to bring mutually positive attention to both Jay-Z’s brand and music as well as Samsung. With the internet, “We don’t have any rules; everybody is trying to figure it out … We need to write the new rules,” as Jay-Z was quoted in Brian Anthony Hernandez’s Mashable article on the news.

As simple as it sounds, Jay-Z has a point. Part of successful branding and marketing online means doing things differently. This is a deal very different from ones I’ve seen and it takes advantage of the internet and mobile users to spread awareness about it. Plus, the fact that it’s a rather different partnership brings press to the story (look, here I am writing about it!).

Better for Samsung?

While this deal is certainly good for Jay-Z – Samsung bought a million copies of the album before its release at $5 a pop – I still think Samsung is getting more out of the deal. Jay-Z is a hugely popular artist. But more importantly, he is a symbol and a brand that represents being hip, connected, modern, and in touch with the younger generation.

Samsung has now linked that brand to its own and the exposure it will receive is certainly worth the $5 million price tag. No one can fault Samsung recently for its marketing decisions, after all; as an AP article on the deal states, “Samsung … has been steadily chipping away at Apple’s share of the market with its Galaxy phones.” As long as they continue to push their prized product and also create a strong brand behind it, I think they’ll continue to chip away at Apple.

What Partnerships Could Work for You?

It’s doubtful your business or agency has $5 million in cash sitting around ready to buy the next one million albums from a top music star. But, this example of smart partnerships from Samsung should get you thinking about possibilities and unique partnerships that could work for your brand or even just one of your products.

There are no rules when it comes to creativity, and keeping both your eyes and your mind open can lead to marketing ideas that could bring lots of press and ultimately lots of business. As more and more people get connected online, especially on mobile, we really should keep Jay-Z’s words in mind. We do need to write our own rules to stand out in today’s market.

What do you think of the Samsung Jay-Z deal? Will it benefit both parties or is it just a silly marketing ploy?

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