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When it comes to putting words in your mouth or content on your page, we here at Content Equals Money are here with pen in hand. Our goal is your goal; namely, attracting customers and creating conversions on your website via hard-hitting, persuasive, informative copy. At Content Equals Money, we understand that content is king and will do everything in our power to ensure that the reign of your information is boundless.

The staff that Content Equals Money is a group of dedicated, talented, college-educated and native speaking United States-based writers. All of us are well informed when it comes to the ins and outs of SEO, passionate about the power of words, and peerless when it comes to execution of our content. Whether your business needs its entire website revamped, weekly blogs, white papers, or newsletters, we’re here to deliver with style.

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We are pleased as punch to have Kate on our writing team. A research genius, she can dig deep into any subject. We started working with her while she was here in the US and now as she crosses the Atlantic to work on her Ph.D. she will continue to work on assignments. If you have a technical or research intensive brand/product – Kate is your girl!Writing Style: My writing style tends to be very professional. I like to be both concise and informative, so that my readers can be well-informed and interested in the material.

Where do you live/Hometown
Cambridge, England/Chapel Hill, North Carolina


BA, History

MA, Imperial and Commonwealth History

PhD History, Colonial South Asia (in progress)
Random Fact

I usually drink about 5 or 6 cups of tea a day. Even in hot weather.
Who do you live with?

Flatmates and a few slightly wilted plants
Favorite Topics to Write About

History, Charities, Travel, International subjects

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