Keep Your Blog Fresh with these Types of Blog Posts

freshIf you’ve been blogging for business for some time, chances are you’ve run out of ideas or that your blog posts have gotten a little…dull. If this is the case, don’t worry! There are a myriad of blog post configurations that you can experiment with to add freshness and excitement back into your blog! If you’ve written your fair share of how-to articles or case studies, it’s time to add some more tricks to your sleeve. Below are some of the most popular types of blog posts proven to yield higher engagement from consumers.

Freshen Up

  1. News posts. Newsjacking is an incredible way to get content posted quickly and take advantage of topic trends that are defining the conversation. Creating a news post is a surefire way to gather attention while easily creating a piece of content.
  2. Controversial posts. Whether you’re being tactfully controversial or joining a controversial conversation, the reality is that controversial content sells. Consumers love “drama” and are always searching for a new perspective.
  3. Personal stories. From customer testimonials to stories from workers within your company, there are plenty of opportunities to publish personal stories. These make your brand easier to relate to, and allow you to publish plenty of content.
  4. Reviews. Most of the time businesses are looking for reviews of their products – but what if you switched the role? Try reviewing similar products from competitors or reviewing related products.
  5. Comparison posts. People love seeing things side by side. We’re visual creatures and this type of blog post allows people to visualize two different ideas, services, or things.
  6. Infographics. These take full advantage of our visual nature, as well as the overwhelming advantage that an infographic is more likely to be shared on social media that almost any other type of content.
  7. Resources. By providing your readers with a list of resources that they should use if they have a specific need or problem, you’ll be adding value that will make your brand one of the most respected in its industry.

What tricks do you use to freshen up your content?

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Daniel Chioco is a writer living in Nashville, TN. He earned his Commercial Music degree at Belmont University, where he also studied creative writing and wrote for the student newspaper. When he isn't creating content, Daniel works as an actor and films YouTube videos. He is also a freelance musician and is authoring his first fantasy novel.

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