3 Common Hospital SEO Mistakes

Search engine optimization (SEO) is not the mysterious entity it once was – it’s become a widely used business practice in virtually every industry. From welding to wizarding school (yep, it exists), marketing managers are vying for ways to improve their search rankings. There are several general mistakes people make regarding SEO, and they fall … [Read more...]

Google Optimizing Search Results for “In-Depth” Content

Changes are coming to the search results you see on Google. The search engine will now be featuring “in-depth” content. This is an important change for those of us who are very invested in content marketing. With this new focus on in-depth content, companies who post blogs and articles are even more likely to get featured in Google search … [Read more...]

SEO Secret from Snickers: Try Misspelled Keywords

“You’re not you when you’re hungry!”This catchy tagline sums up the concept behind Snickers’ recent ad campaign – suggesting a Snickers bar as the remedy to your hunger, of course. You’re probably familiar with the TV ads; one featured Robin Williams as a football coach gone mad, and one featured Betty White (and aired during the Super … [Read more...]

Is your Keyword Research Strategy Ready for 2013?

Keyword research is a basic principle in SEO, but in 2013, SEO’s are going to have to use innovative strategies in order to keep up. Two important shifts are taking place: the growing significance of mobile keywords, and the new emphasis on a page-based approach to keywords. Page-based keywords Nag Patta illustrates the need for an endgame … [Read more...]

Keyword Match Ratio: What is it & How to Use it to Dominate Your Competition

There are ever-changing components constantly moving inside of the world of SEO and internet work in general. But, sometimes, there are things hiding inside of the internet that we didn’t know were important, staring us right in the face. A recent discovery by programmer and blogger AJ Kohn of online marketing firm Blind Five Year Old into the … [Read more...]

Turning Your Keywords into Content Marketing: On-site Keyword Optimization

Last time, we looked at how beginners can use all sorts of data tools and research methods to find keywords that will guarantee a certain level of success. It’s time to start using your carefully-researched keywords. There are three basic places you’ll want to use your keywords: website content, PPC campaigns, and within your site’s … [Read more...]