Disney Vets Turn to Kickstarter for Feature Film ‘Art Story’

Thanks to the internet there are countless ways for individuals, groups, businesses, and agencies to accomplish whatever goals they may have. Crowdsourcing is becoming an increasingly popular and effective tool to harness the internet and all of the tools available on the web. Two veteran Disney animators, Aaron Blaise and Chuck Williams, have … [Read more...]

Interview With CrowdCases: How Designers Can Change the World

Earlier this month I wrote a blog post about non-profit branding, focusing on charity: water specifically. The post happened to catch the eye of social entrepreneur Dwight Peters. Dwight is the founder of CrowdCases, an innovative, brand new startup that’s changing the world with graphic designers and their art. His business model brings together … [Read more...]

Kickstarter Funded Soma Shares Success with Charity

Kickstarter projects are often fun to read about and watch as they head towards their fundraising goals. I'm not sure if you're at all like me, but I often unintentionally forget about many of the interesting projects I find on Kickstarter. But back in December I wrote about Soma, a company redesigning the water filter. Soma has big news they … [Read more...]

Soma Creates Incredible Kickstarter Dashboard

What happens when you combine a water filter, a Kickstarter campaign, and a team shocked by success and overwhelming information? You get an impressive display of ingenuity and a new Chrome extension for anyone wanting to undertake a Kickstarter campaign. The new Kickstarter Status Board has recently become available for free to anyone who needs … [Read more...]

Tips to Build a Successful Kickstarter Campaign Part 3: Getting Covered with Publicity Strategy

Running a successful Kickstarter campaign is an involved process with many different sides to work on. Kickstarter and similar micro loan websites provide an incredible opportunity to build the funds needed to make great ideas come to life, but it takes a lot of effort to present your idea and get the word out about it. A carefully planned out … [Read more...]

Tips to build a successful Kickstarter Campaign Part 2: Building Buzz with Social Media

Social media marketing is a crucial part of a Kickstarter campaign. Once you have your Kickstarter content and media in order, it's time to start spreading the word about your idea, getting it out to potential backers, and getting online communities to help promote your campaign for you.In part 1 of this Kickstarter series, I went over some … [Read more...]