Law Blogs and Websites: Original Photos, Stock Photos, or Both?

Law blogs need the power to connect with potential clients and make them feel the firm is right for them. Imagery plays an important role in legal blogs and websites, as it adds individuality to your site and distinguishes you from competitors. In a consumer atmosphere that praises originality, it’s shocking to discover that 97% of law firm websites lack any type of personalized content. Be the other 3% by mastering law blog imagery!

Custom Photography = An Important Personal Touch

Whether your team represents clients during personal injury lawsuits, business disputes, or criminal trials, your ability to connect with people going through a difficult time is imperative to attracting new business. People viewing your website and law blog want to feel a real, personal connection to your firm. They want to believe that you can establish a meaningful relationship with them that will ultimately translate into a win in the courtroom. How do you do this? There are many ways, but custom imagery is one of the most effective.

Custom images beat out stock images in more ways than one. The main advantage, however, is that they prevent your law site from looking unoriginal. Too many legal websites consist of the same generic images that visitors can see anywhere. Stock photos say absolutely nothing about your brand, nor do they help you stand out from the competition. In fact, many people ignore stock photos as if they weren’t even there. They might not hurt your website, but they won’t necessarily help it either.

Using original images, on the other hand, can have a positive impact on the way users see your firm. Original, high-quality photos can show your personal side to potential clients. They can make users take notice of your attorneys and practice, not just any run-of-the-mill law firm. Photos of your office and your attorneys will be 100% unique to your site and your site alone. They can showcase what makes you special. Custom imagery is one of the best ways to show clients what your firm is all about – and why your lawyers are the right choice for them.


Picture Perfect: These 3 Law Blogs Are Doing It Right

Original, custom images are your opportunity to express things you can’t express using written content alone. Using high-quality photos and videos on your law blog and website can lend several impressive benefits, including making your site more visually appealing, improving search engine optimization, generating more traffic, and earning more social media shares. While images in general can garner these same benefits, using original images takes it to the next level, separating your firm from competitors in your local target area. Take these three law sites as examples of how to use custom images:

  • Morgan & Morgan. They didn’t become one of the country’s biggest law firms by accident – Morgan & Morgan knows how to connect with people. Part of the secret is using custom imagery in all the right places, including pictures of the lead attorneys on the homepage, real client video testimonials, and a personalized video under “About Us.”

  • Proskauer Rose LLP. Users see professional portraits of each lawyer directly on the homepage of Proskauer Rose LLP. This immediately puts faces to the names, showing the law firm as real people who are ready to listen. The photos show the lawyers smiling – a good idea if you want to come off as friendly, compassionate attorneys who want to help.

  • Herman Herman & Katz, LLC. This firm blended stock and original photography in its main image, using a photograph of the local area (New Orleans), with an overlay of a photo with the two lead attorneys. The homepage also includes a personalized video, portraits of all of the attorneys, and photographs of the brick-and-mortar law firm.

If you search for the best law firms in the nation, odds are they will all use, at least, some original images. The use of custom imagery is what sets these law blogs apart from other law firms in the area. They have something the rest don’t – totally unique people, processes, and practices. Using images as a window into your law firm can help clients get to know the real you. In turn, this will cultivate trust and help you build a relationship with clients. In an industry where trust is key, the right images can speak volumes.

Is It Ever Okay to Use Stock Photos?

Yes! Despite the myriad benefits of using original images on your law blog, it is still okay to use stock photography. If you don’t have the money, time, or resources to devout to hiring a professional photographer and using high-quality custom photos on your website, use stock photos as placeholders. Stock photos, when done correctly, can still achieve much of what original photos can do on your legal website.

Find royalty-free images for your blog and website and integrate them onto all pages of your site, as well as into social media and blog posts. Just make sure they are legal to use and of the highest quality possible. As soon as you can upgrade to custom imagery, do so to access the full benefits of website visuals. It’s okay to leave stock images in less-important places on your site (such as practice area pages), as well as mixing them with original images if you have to. Using stock images is better than using no images at all.

Boost Your Law Blog – Avoid Photo Faux-Pas

By optimizing the images in your law blog, you take full advantage of one of the best opportunities to set yourself apart. Using high-quality, custom images (with some appropriate stock photos sprinkled in) in your law blog can increase visibility, establish trust, and ultimately prove to clients that you’re worth their business. Optimize your law site and blog today by upgrading your photography.

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