Lead Cycle

Also known as a sales funnel, a lead cycle charts the path of a potential customer as they work their way through your content and make the decision to buy or not. The lead cycle documents the path of site visitors as they become acquainted with your brand and eventually become your customers.

If you are a B2B business, you likely understand the importance of giving leads to your sales team. But if you’re a member of the sales team, you have an even more intimate understanding of the different kinds of leads that you get. There’s a reason why cold calling is considered unpopular. It means that your business is trying to get in contact and sell a product to another business who is completely unprepared for interaction. Most of the time, this is considered outright annoying – there’s a reason why people dislike telemarketers.

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What content marketing can do for you is lead your potential clients through the sales cycle, from the first second they interact with your company to the moment that they decide to buy. Content marketing is the catalyst that causes this change to happen, and companies that are highly successful with content marketing often find that it’s a process of delivering the appropriate information at the appropriate time.

For example, it would be inappropriate to send an individual that simply visited your website a boatload of copy. They’re not ready yet – and they might find your attentions intrusive. However, a consumer who has signed up for your email marketing definitely wants a little more of your information; this would be a good time to send them a white paper download, and urge them a little farther down the path of the cycle.

With the internet having revolutionized the way we all do business, paying attention to the development of a lead cycle is more important than ever. Having a comprehensive content marketing plan in place is key to developing that lead cycle and keeping it healthy – in the modern market, timely and relevant content is often the difference between landing the customer and not!

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