3 Digital Automation Practices for Small Businesses

Digital automation is the process of using digital tools to streamline regular processes that absorb manpower. Since many small businesses are grappling with establishing their online presence, now is the time to give yourself an edge on competitors. Automated tools are primarily designed to do one of two things:Save you and your employees … [Read more...]

Is Your Landing Page Optimized for Mobile Visitors?

Although you may have optimized your desktop landing page, your mobile landing page could still be hurting you. Mobile users want instant, easily accessible information, so your detailed, informative website might be overkill in a mobile format.With our culture’s current over-saturation of information, high expectations have to be met. Your … [Read more...]

Building And Leveraging Communities: Crossing the Goal Line

Every business owner understands the value of brand evangelists.  In my two most recent posts, I’ve discussed how you can build and leverage communities, as well as arm those communities with information in order to turn them into brand evangelists.I’ve covered several key areas:·     Building Community·     Guerrilla and Experiential … [Read more...]

Lead Nurturing With Hansel and Gretel

There will be no child-eating, candy-eating, witch-eating, or roof-eating here.  Just breadcrumb-eating in this story.  A few strategically placed breadcrumbs are all you need to take your leads all the way down the sales funnel.  From casual web-browser to full-fledged customer, go the Hansel and Gretel way, one breadcrumb at a time. Dropping … [Read more...]

3 Super Common Sales Funnel Snafus

This post is idiot proof.The sales funnel has evolved dramatically in the past 15, heck even in the last 5 years. Your potential customers are smarter than ever and that’s why you have to be agile enough to change the game.CEM is a writing service, not a full service marketing company. I wish I had the resources to create a boatload of … [Read more...]

Reach Out to Your Leads Directly: Lead Management Software

At Content Equals Money, we talk a lot about content that grabs attention and drives better business conversions. We love producing content that does the heavy lifting for us and our clients when it comes to attracting potential customers. These strategies work very well for everyone involved, but sometimes business owners want to do more. If you … [Read more...]