Lead Nurturing

The process of lead nurturing refers to providing timely and relevant content to an audience who is not yet ready to buy. Consider this: when a potential customer hits your website, they’re going to be at different stages of what is known as the “buying cycle.” You might very well have some consumers who visit your site for the first time on the first day and are ready to lay out cash – but most of the time, you’ll need to work on this a bit.

Lead nurturing is a relatively new concept that has evolved along with content marketing. Gone are the days when advertising was limited to a picture on a billboard or a commercial on a television screen. When consumers are looking to buy on the web, they’re looking for information to help them with their purchase.

But not all consumers are created equal. Some might be visiting your website for the very first time, and others might have stuck around for a little longer and already understand what your brand and products are about. These distinct categories of buyer require different kinds of content.
[stextbox id=”custom” caption=”Tools and Concepts” collapsing=”false” collapsed=”false” shadow=”true” float=”true” align=”right” width=”250″ bwidth=”1″ color=”000000″ ccolor=”ffffff” bcolor=”000000″ bgcolor=”ffffff” cbgcolor=”009900″ bgcolorto=”000000″ cbgcolorto=”000000″ image=”null”]Lead Cycle [/stextbox]To put it another way, consider feeding a hungry person: if somebody comes into your house and asks if they can have some toast, you probably wouldn’t dump a chicken dinner in their lap. It would be far too much for what the person was asking for. In the same vein, the first time a potential customer visits your site, you don’t want to load them down with sales copy. They’re not ready yet. They have to work up an appetite.

And this is why content marketing is so important when it comes to being able to get consumers to convert on the web. You have to speak with them at different levels – one sort of content that is calibrated toward the first-time visitor, and another for the visitor who has downloaded your white paper and is eager to learn more about the nitty gritty of your company, brand, and what you do.

To get consumers from the beginning of your sales funnel to conversion, lead nurturing is the way to go. The best way to nurture your leads? Appropriate and effective content marketing!

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