How to Leverage Company Culture for Your Content Marketing

company culture trustLast year, Forbes published an article explaining why liars frequently get off the hook. While 6 out of 10 people lie in any given 10-minute conversation, we give certain people a free pass. Research has shown that our minds quickly go through various factors to intuitively decide whether or not we like someone – and likability largely determines our level of trust.

So what does any of this have to do with content marketing? Well, too often we focus so much effort on defining our brand that we forget that our brand has already been defined! Our company culture exists in who we are as a team. Marketing doesn’t invent company culture; it broadcasts it.

At Content Equals Money, for instance, we’re quirky yet professional – and we relish that! Whether you’re browsing our website or interacting with our many emoticons via email, you sense the essence of our brand, and hopefully it’s a likable one. 🙂 Likability and trust are two intuitive factors decided by consumers that no amount of marketing can parallel.

Tips for Marketing Your Company Culture

Now that you want to leverage company culture for content marketing, it’s important to know how to do it effectively. Too much focus on culture will leave consumers wondering what your brand even has to offer, whereas the opposite leaves consumers questioning why they should trust you. To balance company culture in your content marketing, consider:

  • Being subtle. You would never walk into a party filled with strangers and start bragging about how awesome you are, so why should your website do the same thing? Instead, your welcome page is an introduction that welcomes newcomers through your site. If your site is designed well, the consumer will easily navigate through your online sales funnel. Is your content optimized for a proper lead cycle?
  • Making it real. Consumers love kindness and generosity, especially from businesses. Trying to harness this company culture on camera, however, is difficult. It can come across as scripted or insincere, and this is why some of the most successful marketing tactics are the most unexpected ones. Consider how Chili’s made headlines this past week on all the major news networks for the kindness of a single waitress and her manager. All of this good press is just as effective (if not more so) than a traditional advertising campaign. This free, positive publicity happened as a result of genuine customer service. No television ad can match this authenticity, but content can explain it. Is your brand being real?
  • Using user-generated content. Mob-mentality works in the online world as well. If people see that other people like your brand, they’ll be more inclined to like you as well. Consumers also enjoy knowing that the brand values them and that their voices are being heard. Furthermore, showcasing user-generated content showcases that your company culture is centered on its consumers.

By implementing these strategies, you’re helping your brand stand out from its competitors. Keep in mind that creativity and your unique voice are going to be the biggest factors in determining your culture marketing success. Of course every business wants to brag about how they’re the best, most innovative, and most customer friendly team. It isn’t necessarily the message that’s unique – it’s the way you present it. That’s how you showcase company culture, and that authenticity is what customers want.

How do you market your company culture? Do you have any tips to add in the Comments section?

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