LinkedIn Mobile App Changes Good for LinkedIn, Businesses, and Individuals

linkedin appFor professional networking and resources, there’s no better social media site than LinkedIn. LinkedIn continues to grow its numbers of users while constantly improving its interface and even how it serves up ads. While LinkedIn has a niche in social media, continuing to improve its services is absolutely vital for LinkedIn, as Twitter and Facebook have been rapidly and frequently improving their offerings for businesses and agencies. Yesterday news broke that LinkedIn has updated its mobile app.

Mobile in the Spotlight for LinkedIn

Given the increasing importance of mobile in marketing and reaching consumers, LinkedIn has made some changes to its mobile app. Yesterday morning, Reuters reported that the new mobile apps from LinkedIn “give greater prominence to the stream of information shared by members … and will for the first time allow the company to show ads for smartphone users.” This is a clear recognition by LinkedIn of the value and importance in mobile ad targeting.

As fellow CEM writer Beans wrote in February, a mobile strategy is becoming increasingly important to businesses and agencies looking to market their brand online. More and more consumers are relying on mobile access to learn about products, shop, and even pay for their purchases. The numbers back up the claim that mobile will grow rapidly in the near future as well. LinkedIn understands and this latest update is an expression of that understanding.

Other Changes to LinkedIn Mobile Apps

Additionally, the changes they brought to their mobile apps bring more of the networking aspect of LinkedIn to the forefront. Not only did LinkedIn roll out new advertising possibilities, but they worked hard to make their mobile app more accessible. The more accessible and useful it is, the more people will use it, and the longer they will use it for.

What have they changed over the previous version? According to Alexandra Chang at Wired, LinkedIn’s latest update focuses on three areas. They implemented “a new design throughout the app, a complete makeover for the update stream, and personal navigation options.” LinkedIn also managed to utilize more of the available screen and reduce wasted space.

It’s easier than ever to use the mobile app to do what you normally do accessing LinkedIn from a computer, tablet, or laptop. This latest update appears to be taking LinkedIn out of its traditional box of jobs platform and professional networking tool; it’s starting to look more social with notifications, customization, and much easier communication.

LinkedIn Is Getting More Useful

LinkedIn has been doing a lot of redesigning and tweaking in recent months. All of the changes are about improving the platform’s usefulness to users. Content is becoming a focus of the platform, while simultaneously maintaining its ability to serve a professional online network.

Providing better mobile access is also good for LinkedIn’s future on a global scale. Ingrid Lunden writes on TechCrunch that “64% of [LinkedIn’s] overall member base now comes from outside the U.S.” Outside of the U.S., many rely on mobile access primarily, and LinkedIn has plans to continue supporting and improving mobile. It wouldn’t be a far stretch that many businesses and agencies could in turn benefit from a focus on mobile on the global scale.

For businesses and agencies, LinkedIn can be a great tool for advertising. It’s also great for business owners large and small to network, communicate, share ideas, and learn about competitors and others in their industry. This latest change to their mobile app is the right move for LinkedIn and should help anyone who utilizes the platform. After all, knowledge is power, right?

What do you think of the updated mobile app for LinkedIn?

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