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Are you looking for an at-home position that is equal parts challenging and rewarding? Do you like to write? If so, Content Equals Money would like to invite you to try out for our team. We are currently looking for new staff writers to join the ranks!

A Place to Grow

Although this is a competitive position, it is also a great place to develop your skills as a writer. As a writer for Content Equals Money, you have the opportunity to gain experience writing for a wide variety of clients. With an incredibly positive company culture, our writers are able to learn and grow during their time at Content Equals Money.

Thanks to our excellent editing staff, you can also benefit from constructive feedback that will help you to improve as a writer. In order to enhance your skills, we also offer a variety of training opportunities that can be tailored to fit your specific needs. Whether you are entering our company as a completely inexperienced newbie, or as an experienced writer, we offer plenty of tools to help you enhance your craft.

A Stepping Stone

Since we provide our writers with such a great opportunity for growth, many of our staff writers go on to launch highly successful writing careers. When you leave Content Equals Money, your experiences here will help prepare you for a variety of writing positions. If you are interested in freelancing, we can even provide you with resources to help you build your business and find great clients.

Getting Started

At Content Equals Money, you will enjoy many of the benefits that freelancers enjoy without worrying about issues such as nonpayment or client pitching. In return, we are choosy about who we retain in order to best please our clients. All new staff writers will start with a two-week probation period where they can strut their stuff. Staff writers who succeed will receive an automatic raise after the two-week probation period.

Availability must be at or near 40 hours per week. As this is a contractor position, we cannot guarantee 40 hours of work per week, but we expect high levels of availability. Most of our writers are working approximately 25 hours per week at minimum, and our highest paid writers put in a full 40 hours.

We value the ability to write much more than the level of a writer’s experience. If you are interested in breaking into the web writing world, this is the place for you! We find that writers who are eager and excited about the job do well, as long as they have grammar and mechanics down. Even though we are happy to hire inexperienced writers, we require that you are already familiar with the basics of grammar and semantics!

Requirements (inflexible):

–          US-based citizen

–          Native English speaker

–          Bachelor’s degree

Additional information

–          1099 (contractor) position

–          EST business hours preferred

–          No billing, no pitching, work from home, flexible scheduling! We also love to work with new writers to help expand independent freelancing businesses. Some Content Equals Money alumni now own successful businesses of their own!

A Day in the Life of a CEM Writer

As a writer for Content Equals Money, your day starts when you receive an email from your project manager with your assignments for that day. Once you’ve looked over the projects, you are free to ask your project manager any questions you may have to make sure that you fully understand the assignments.

Your assignment email also includes deadlines for each project so that you know how to schedule your day. Since you set your own schedule, you can decide exactly when you want to work each day. You’re in charge of deciding when to roll out of bed, when to schedule your own lunch break, and when to end your day. Even better, you can choose whether you’re going to get up and go to a coffee shop to do your work, or whether to stay at home in your PJs in the comfort of your own couch.
Each day, you’ll likely receive a variety of projects for clients in many different fields. For instance, you might write a set of five blogs about real estate before launching into an article about a new health study, and then move on to writing site copy for a plumbing company. You may be asked to complete a client-requested revision, or write a post for the Content Equals Money blog.

Once you submit each project, it goes to our expert team of editors, who will send you feedback through your project manager within a day or two. Often, this feedback will simply be a pat on the back, but editors will also provide input about your grammar and stylistic choices.

Don’t believe us?

Don’t take our word for it – take our writers’ and editors’!


“What’s good about working for CEM …

is that I’ve made money at home in Nashville, at the beach in South Carolina, and at more coffee shops than I could ever recall.  I love having the flexibility to work when I want to from wherever I want to. I’ve yet to work in a box or with a fox, but I suppose these are options to keep in mind for the future.  CEM allows me that kind of flexibility!

Furthermore, every single day of writing offers new challenges and plenty of variety.  I rarely ever feel like I’m in a rut of writing the same type of assignment over and over.”

– Ben Richardson, Staff Writer.

 “Working for CEM is a bit like doing your coursework in college – you are responsible for your own deadlines and working schedule, and no one is going to hold your hand. This is great if you’re like me, and just want to get on with your work with minimal micro-management. The best thing to do is ask lots of questions when you’re unsure (instead of writing something that ends up being off the mark) and then work hard to get it done by deadline. I probably asked Amie and Laura 50 questions my first night, but it didn’t take long to get in the swing of things. And like the advice you heard as a college student, don’t leave assignments till the last minute! We all do it, but in the world of remote work, you never know when your computer might crash, or your network could go down.

I also think that working from the couch is completely underrated.”

– Emily Everett, Asst Editor

“If you’re ready for an exciting new challenge that will put your writing skills and creativity to the test, then a writing job with CEM might be for you. I’m a stay a home mom with a knack for words and language, so this job is a perfect fit. Although it definitely requires self-discipline, the hours are flexible and you can more or less make your own schedule. Saving the best for last, the CEM family is composed of a group of talented, educated, and positive people who love creating content. We’re an upbeat bunch – come write with us!

– Kimberlee Kile, Lead Editor


“My entire life I’ve known that a traditional career wasn’t for me. What’s great about CEM is that I can have a steady job, but still have the flexibility to pursue other goals and passions. I act, run, and play music – I can’t imagine any other job in the world giving me the freedom to pursue all of those things head on.

What’s even better is how friendly, understanding, and professional the team is at CEM. Even though we all work from home (or wherever we want, really!), you get the sense that everyone is really connected and dedicated to their work. With so many different types of projects, you’ll get the experience of writing for everything you could possibly imagine. I love working with CEM and would recommend it to anyone!”

– Daniel Chioco, Staff Writer


“Since I started working for CEM, I feel like I have been constantly growing and learning new writing skills. I was a complete newbie to web writing when I started, but everyone here is very patient and willing to help you learn. Writing for so many different clients keeps things interesting – you never know what you’ll get to write about next!

One of the greatest things about CEM is that everyone is so nice! As a project manager, I get to interact with the staff, writers, and editors throughout the day. Amie has done an awesome job of hiring a talented team that is super friendly!”

– Sarah Beth Wiltse, Project Manager


Ready to apply?

Apply within official job postings only. Please do not send samples.

A note to forum postings/posters: Please do not copy/paste our job page to any forum. Through the years we have perfected how we find both clients and potential writers. Whenever a new forum adds our job, we are flooded with unqualified applicants. This page is a supplement to a current job posting and therefore what you are submitting to your forum is not a complete picture. That means you are doing your fellow forum visitors a disservice. We will no longer accept applicants through email, which is highly unfortunate but is a direct result of forum posters.

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