How Marketing Fruit Affects Kids

cuties for kidsIt may seem as though we have reached an era in which we advertise everything. After all, when did we start advertising fruit? Produce, with a few limited exceptions like Chiquita Banana ads, just isn’t advertised that often. However, just like for anything else, a good marketing campaign can make a difference in produce consumption, especially among children. For kids who might otherwise not get enough fruits and vegetables in their diet, marketing campaigns for the healthy stuff can make a big difference.

Mealtime Magic

When it comes to advertising fruits and vegetables, one brand, Ready Pac Produce, is using a common trick – branding fruits and vegetables with popular characters. Disney characters smile back from their produce packaging, bringing in the characters from the show “Shake It Up,” for example, to advertise caesar salad. Another brand has a deal with Nickelodeon and features favorites of the younger set, like Dora the Explorer, on its products. Kids respond well to this kind of advertising, and reap the nutritional benefits.

Shrinking Products To Grow The Market

One marketing trick that companies have embraced in their attempt to get children to eat more fruit has been to shrink their products. Kids like to eat things that are small like they are, making pre-sliced fruit or smaller varieties of common fruits a hit. One major success has been the line of Cuties clementines. Using the slogan, “Cuties Are For Kids,” these miniature fruits are also sweeter and seedless, making them more appealing and easier for kids to eat. The clementines fit perfectly into the hands and mouths of small children.

Adults Respond Too

When it comes to marketing produce, adults respond to ad campaigns as well. While it is not a huge influence, adults in states where advertising for fruits and vegetables is common are more likely to eat the recommended five servings a day.

It used to be that eating healthy meant never eating anything that has its own ad campaign, but that is all changing today. As the United States struggles against an obesity crisis, ad campaigns for fruits and vegetables are changing the face of food. Especially when it comes to getting children to eat right, a good ad campaign and careful thought about the presentation of food can make a big difference.

Have you been seeing advertisements for fruit? Which ones are your favorites?

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