Marketing on Tumblr for Small Businesses in 3 Easy Steps

tumblr logoWith sponsored posts recently introduced to every user’s Dashboard on Tumblr, knowing how to use this popular blogging platform for marketing is more important than ever. Many aspects of Tumblr make it more social media oriented than other blogging platforms. This is beneficial to small businesses because it enables companies to connect to customers in their area through tags, and to engage more effectively with shareable content.

Take Advantage of the Social Media Aspects

The first rule of Tumblr is that Tumblr is not like most other blogging platforms. Tumblr is very social media oriented for a few reasons. First, users interact with posts through liking and reblogging rather than commenting. On Tumblr, most conversation takes place when users reblog (share on their blog) content as well as through asks – every user has an “Ask Box” where other users and anonymous people can ask questions that can be answered publicly or privately.

Second, Tumblr is similar to Twitter in that users can follow Tumblr blogs. Every post from these blogs will then appear on the user’s Dashboard. Due to these features, it is important for businesses to approach Tumblr as an expanded social media platform rather than a blog. Do not just create content, reblog and like content from others. Follow blogs with similar interests as well as customers for further engagement. Finally, encourage users to ask questions about your business through the Ask Box, and publish them.

Create Shareable Content

The second rule of Tumblr is that good content is shared content. The main goal of Tumblr is to gain reblogs so that your posts will be exposed to a wider audience.

  • Use Visuals: Tumblr is ideally suited to sharing photos and videos. You can introduce products, take users behind the scenes, or otherwise visually showcase your services.
  • Add Personality: Tumblr is all about personality. The posts that are most often reblogged are those with humorous commentary or that show an unexpected side to the brand or company.
  • Be Current: Tumblr is a good place to post current events and promotions because the posts have the opportunity to go viral and reach a large number of users through reblogs.
  • And Timeless: However, Tumblr is also a place where great content re-circulates indefinitely. Make posts that are timeless as well as current to continue getting shared.
  • Create Short Posts: Because it is similar to social media sites, Tumblr is a good place for short posts that users can quickly consume and share.
  • And Long Posts: However, creating a highly engaging long text post every once in a while can encourage conversation with users and often cause an increase in traffic.

Always Tag

The third rule of Tumblr is that you must always tag your posts. Tags are used rather than keywords on Tumblr to categorize posts and to allow users to search for similar content across the site. Users can also track tags to see all of the posts in that tag. You should ideally use 7-12 tags per post, and on every post you should use consistent tags for your company or brand. Small businesses will benefit from tagging both the state and city they are located in to attract local customers. You should also add tags that are both general and specific – Tumblr widely attracts niche audiences, and using niche tags will help those users find your posts.

Does your business have a Tumblr? How do you engage with other users?

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